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When determining your rates, auto insurance providers look at much more than just your driving record and zip code. Its intricate algorithms also analyze claim and accident records about the exact make and model of the car you want to insure. Compare car insurance rates, discounts, and coverage for your car model to find the best deal.

compare car insurance by make and model

get car insurance quotes for your car make and model

what is the make and model of my car?

make and model are common phrases you’ll hear when shopping for car insurance or a new car. The manufacturer or make of your car is called a brand, such as Ford or Toyota. think of the manufacturer, who created the car. Your car model is the name of the type of car you have. For example, Honda makes models like the Accord or Civic, which offer different features, including body styling and upgrade options.

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If you’re not sure which model you’re driving, you can often find out by looking at the back of your car. or read your car’s owner’s manual or vehicle registration certificate.

how car make and model affect insurance rates

The make, model, and trim of your car directly affect how much you’ll pay for auto insurance because insurers use this information to determine your car’s value, safety features, and repair cost. for example, repairing an expensive luxury car model costs more compared to a standard model, leading to higher premiums.

  • vehicle msrp. More expensive cars typically cost more to repair due to custom, foreign, or premium parts, typically resulting in higher insurance premiums. You may also need higher maximum coverages to cover claims, which means you’ll pay more for coverage.
  • safety ratings. Safer cars crash less often and cost less to repair. that means fewer claims on average and more savings for you.
  • likelihood of theft. some cars, like the honda accord and chevy impala, are frequently targeted by thieves. this raises the price of insurance.
  • Sportsmanship. Most drivers are more likely to drive fast in a sportier car, putting these drivers at greater risk of a collision. convertibles also tend to have higher theft rates, as soft tops can be easier to steal.
  • Does the body type of my car affect insurance?

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    yes, specific configuration and body type can also increase or decrease your rates.

    Convertibles, sports cars and SUVs tend to be more expensive to insure. soft top convertibles are easier to break. it’s too tempting not to drive fast in a sports car, and this puts you at greater risk of being involved in an accident.

    If you opt for an upgraded version or some additional features, the changes will increase the msrp of your car. Buying heated seats or a fancy sound system isn’t usually enough to significantly change insurance rates, but insuring a car with several thousand dollars in upgrades could raise your rates enough to matter.

    Which brands and models are cheaper to insure?

    Generally, the cheaper the car, the cheaper the insurance rates. Safer, cheaper cars present less risk to an insurer because they are safer in a crash and tend to have cheaper parts. Japanese manufacturers such as Honda, Toyota, and Subaru often top the list of cheapest cars to insure, while sports and luxury cars made by BMW and Buick rank on the more expensive side of insurance rates.

    car insurance rates by car type

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    Your car’s make, model, version, and model year affect your rates. Even in an expensive auto insurance state like New York, some popular models stand out for their high safety and low auto insurance rates.

    cheaper car models to insure

    car insurance rates by model

    Compare average new car auto insurance rates for 400+ major car models.

    how does my car’s finish affect car insurance?

    The make and model of the car you drive is the biggest factor determining your insurance rates, but even your car’s trim level can affect rates. the trim level of your car is specific to its model. for example, the mini cooper s and jcw come with higher-end specs and a higher final price than the standard-trim mini cooper. you’ll also get more horsepower and sport seats with this fancier trim level.

    end result

    Shopping for car insurance can be difficult, and comparing rates per car can help you narrow down your decision. Rates can change dramatically depending on the car you drive, so shop around to find the best deal for your trip.

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