4 Best Travel Insurance for Bali in 2022

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Buying bali travel insurance should be one of the first things you do before flying to this fantastic destination. after all, you never know when a vacation will be interrupted by a broken leg, lost luggage, or a delayed flight. Having indonesia travel insurance, or bali travel insurance specifically, means you won’t have to pay tons of extra fees if the unexpected happens.

when we went to bali, we bought travel insurance from heymondo before our trip. As it turned out, this was a very smart decision as I ended up needing medical treatment during the trip. However, even if nothing had gone wrong, it was worth having bali travel insurance just for the peace of mind it gave us.

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Of course, to have the perfect trip, you will also need to decide what things you want to do in bali and where to stay in bali. however, in terms of bali travel insurance, these are all the things you need to know:

  • is travel insurance mandatory for bali?
  • how much does bali travel insurance cost?
  • the best travel insurance for bali
  • Ready to learn more about the best travel insurance for bali? Let’s get to it!

    is travel insurance mandatory for bali?

    The travel insurance for bali is not currently mandatory. Even so, buying travel insurance that covers covid-19 is always a good idea.

    After all, you never know when you’ll get sick or injured while traveling. Plus, paying for medical expenses out of pocket can be incredibly expensive. In addition, having bali travel insurance will allow you to get a refund if you cancel a hotel reservation at the last minute, lose your luggage or need to quarantine. It’s always better to buy bali travel insurance and not need it than to go without it and pay tons of fees.

    bali travel insurance requirements

    Although bali travel insurance is not an entry requirement, there are several types of coverage you should have if you decide to purchase insurance. Covid-19 coverage is an absolute must, as is emergency medical expense coverage, especially since medical care can be expensive. Evacuation and repatriation coverage, which covers travel back to your home country for medical treatment or due to political events, is also crucial.

    as such, you should, at a minimum, purchase bali travel medical insurance. If you prefer to also have travel-related coverage, look into travel insurance with trip cancellation and baggage coverage.

    how much does travel insurance cost for bali?

    The price of travel insurance for bali will depend on your age and nationality, as well as the duration and cost of your trip. To help you get an idea of ​​how much Bali travel insurance costs, I used the example of a 30-year-old American who spent a week in Bali at a travel cost of $2,500 to generate quotes.

    *price used for example

    Ultimately, all four bali travel insurance plans I’ve compared have their merits. however, the best overall travel insurance for bali is heymondo, especially since it pays travelers’ medical expenses directly and in advance. If you prefer to save money and only have medical coverage, safetywing is another great option, but keep in mind that you have a $250 deductible per claim.

    1. heymondo, the best travel insurance for bali

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    If you want the best travel insurance for bali, look no further than heymondo. Their main plan not only offers a large amount of coverage in all categories, but it is also the most affordable option with medical and travel coverage.

    Heymondo, Bali travel insurance company

    In addition, heymondo is the only bali travel insurance company that pays travelers’ medical expenses directly and in advance, saving you the hassle of filing a claim for reimbursement. the convenience of this payment process, as well as the excellent customer service of the company, have allowed heymondo to be consistently ranked as one of the best travel insurance companies.

    Best of all, the premium plan includes a $0 deductible for medical expenses, so you won’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for any medical charges.

    heymondo has several incredible benefits and very few drawbacks, which is why we have annual multi-trip insurance with this company. Since we will be making several trips over the next year, this policy saves us a lot of money. You can learn more in our heymondo review and save 5% on your plan with the following promo code.

    2. safetywing, cheap travel insurance for bali

    Saving money on travel insurance doesn’t have to mean poor coverage. Purchasing travel medical insurance will ensure you get the medical coverage you need without the higher cost of covering travel-related expenses.

    safetywing is, by far, the best health insurance option for traveling to bali. their nomadic insurance plan offers excellent worldwide coverage in all medical categories, plus it is the most affordable bali travel insurance of all the plans I compared. You can even choose to automatically extend your plan every month if you want to keep traveling, making it ideal for digital nomads looking for long-term travel insurance.

    SafetyWing, holiday insurance for Bali

    The nomad insurance plan offers some limited travel-related coverage for lost luggage and trip interruption, but this coverage is not as comprehensive as other travel insurance plans. plus, the plan’s $250 deductible means you’ll have to pay $250 for any medical bills before safetywing covers the remaining balance.

    As such, if you prefer a $0 deductible or want better travel-related coverage, heymondo is your best option.

    3. world nomads, the best vacation insurance in bali for sports travelers

    if you are planning a vacation full of adventure activities, world nomads is the perfect option for holiday insurance for bali. Its standard plan covers a ton of activities and sports, including surfing and snorkeling, two of the best things to do in Bali.

    World Nomads, best travel insurance for Bali

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    You’ll also enjoy good coverage in all travel and medical categories, as well as a $0 deductible for medical expenses. however, in terms of cost, the standard plan is a bit pricey. after all, you can get a greater amount of coverage in all categories for a much lower price with heymondo.

    Although world nomads is one of the best cheap travel insurance companies, it is only worth it if you are going to do a lot of sports activities.

    4. img, reliable travel insurance for bali, indonesia

    img is a highly respected travel insurance company trusted by many travelers for their insurance needs. As such, it’s probably no surprise that img’s itravelinsured plan provides a solid amount of coverage in all categories, including trip cancellation insurance.

    IMG, best Bali travel insurance

    This bali travel insurance plan even includes work-related cancellation coverage and pre-existing condition coverage. There is also a $0 deductible for medical expenses, so as long as your claim is approved, img will fully cover any medical bills incurred abroad.

    One drawback, however, is that the itravelinsuredse plan is the most expensive of all the plans I compared. so if you want similar or even better coverage for a lower price, go for heymondo.

    what travel insurance do i need for bali?

    Ultimately, bali travel insurance isn’t required, but it’s still smart to purchase some form of coverage. trust me: when i was visiting the monkey forest in ubud, a monkey bit me! I then ran to the nearest hospital, where I was quickly treated.

    Fortunately, I had purchased bali holiday insurance from heymondo before my trip, so I knew my medical expenses would be covered. however, when I saw the bill, I was especially relieved that I had travel insurance, that medical treatment was not cheap! Save yourself the stress of going through an experience like mine without travel insurance by purchasing coverage before you travel.

    Any of the bali travel insurance options above will provide great coverage, but the standout is heymondo, which offers excellent travel and medical coverage to an affordable price. .

    on the other hand, if you want to save money, bali travel medical insurance from safetywing is the most affordable option.

    Either way, these essentials will help you plan your trip to bali:

    If you have any other questions about buying bali travel insurance or planning your trip, feel free to leave me a comment below!

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