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what is the difference between general and amp; professional liability?

Before you start shopping for yoga instructor insurance, it’s important to understand the different types of liability that are included in these insurance plans and why you need them. Ideally, the yoga instructor insurance policy you choose will include both general liability insurance and professional liability insurance coverage.

general liability insurance is often called “slip and fall” insurance because it covers you in the event that one of your students is injured during your class in a way that is not related to your instruction. . For example, general liability insurance will protect you if a student slips and falls on a wet floor or trips over something during class.

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professional liability insurance, on the other hand, is known as “malpractice insurance”. This type of coverage protects you against claims that blame your alignment cues, adjustments, or even general sequences for any injury or damage.

No matter what style of yoga you teach, both types of policies are incredibly important to yoga professionals and are often included in even the most basic yoga teacher insurance policy.

top 5 insurance companies for yoga instructors

Finding the right insurance provider doesn’t have to be a mission. there are some tried and true companies that have proven to be the most helpful for both new and experienced yoga instructors.

1. beyogi

beyogi offers all-inclusive yoga insurance for full-time and part-time teachers. your insurance policies cover you wherever you teach, including live streaming online and pre-recorded videos.

beyogi insurance covers more than 350 modalities including massage, reiki, acro and sup yoga. your coverage follows you wherever you teach, whether in a studio, on a lake, or online. you can explore the full list of modalities covered by beyogi here.

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coverage details:

  • general/professional liability: $2 million per occurrence / $3 million aggregate annually
  • product coverage: $2 million annual total
  • damage to rental premises: $100,000
  • identity protection coverage: $25,000
  • Stolen equipment coverage: $1,000 with a $250 deductible
  • policy options and prices:

    • part-time policy for 1 year: $159 (12 months)
    • 1-year professional policy: $179 (12 months)
    • full-time policy for 2 years: $327.95 (24 months)
    • learn more about member benefits or sign up for insurance through beyogi.

      disclaimer: I am a beyogi affiliate, so the link used for their insurance plan generates a commission for me, should you decide to subscribe to their services. While I believe in the company and the insurance policy, I have not written this review with any bias. I have provided all the relevant information about each company so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

      2. alternate balance

      alternativebalance offers four membership levels to meet the insurance needs of students, independent contractors and employers in the yoga industry. Your membership includes liability insurance, business tools, waiver templates, exclusive member discounts, and more.

      offer coverage for more than 500 services, as well as premium services that are available for an additional cost. See the full list of alternative balance premium and covered services here.

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      coverage details:

      • general & professional liability aggregate: $3 million
      • general & professional each occurrence: $2 million
      • products-completed operations added: $2 million
      • damage to premises rented to you: $300,000
      • third party medical expenses: $5,000
      • staff & advertising damage: included
      • defense expenses: included
      • policy options and prices:

        • student (currently enrolled in trade school): $189/year
        • per diem (working less than 10 hours/week): $239/year
        • professional (working more than 10 hours/week): $269/year
        • employer: $299/year plus $99 for each employee.
        • interested in learning more? you can find all the details of the policy and register for alternative balance here.

          3. yogapro alliance

          yoga alliance and alliant insurance have partnered to create alliant yogapro. Alliant YogaPro’s coverage is designed to meet the needs of yoga teachers who work in a studio as employees or independent contractors who teach in students’ homes or other locations. In addition to offering individual policies for yoga teachers, Alliant YogaPro also offers separate coverage options for yoga studios, yoga schools, and small yoga businesses.

          Only yoga alliance members in the united states and canada can apply for insurance through alliant yogapro.

          For coverage details, policy options and pricing, you must apply. Read the FAQs or apply on their website here.

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          coverage details:

          • general & professional each incident: 1 million dollars per claim
          • general & professional liability addendum: $2 million addendum
          • policy options and prices:

            • part time: 1m/2m premium, $110 a year
            • part time: 2m/4m premium, $122 a year
            • full time: 1m/2m premium, $125 a year
            • full time: 2m/4m premium, $146 a year
            • 4. daily yoga teachers (more)

              teachersplus insurance offers full-time and part-time insurance and membership options. In addition to offering affordable yoga instructor liability insurance, membership includes online courses, premium content, benefits, discounts, and more.

              both full time (teaching more than 6 hours per week) and part time (teaching less than 6 hours per week) include benefits of:

              • instant coverage
              • all yoga styles included
              • retreats, workshops and private clients included
              • library of curated yoga playlists
              • exclusive content, contests, discounts and more
              • For more information on coverage and pricing for specific policies, you must apply. For more information or to apply for teacherplus coverage, visit their website here.

                5. insurance nacams plus

                nacams covers more than 350 disciplines and modalities and includes professional and general liability insurance. nacams provides affordable access to liability insurance for yoga teachers, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers and more. They offer instant coverage and proof of insurance at checkout. member benefits include stolen equipment coverage, identity protection, a free website, and exclusive product discounts.

                Details of the nacam professional policy coverage:

                • professional & general liability: $2 million per incident, $3 million aggregate annual individual
                • product coverage: $2 million
                • Stolen equipment coverage: $1,000 *$250 deductible
                • free website & resources for teachers
                • identity protection plan
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                  nacams offers professional and student policies, but does not include prices on its website. For more information or to get a quote, visit the nacam website here.

                  With so many yoga teachers gravitating toward teaching online, it’s important to note that depending on the type of class you’re teaching online, your yoga liability insurance may not cover you. You can read more about what is and is not covered when teaching online in this article, does yoga insurance cover online classes?

                  It’s important to consider exactly the ways you’ll need coverage so you can choose the yoga instructor liability insurance that’s right for you.

                  yoga insurance companies: coverage comparison

                  what you need to know about yoga teacher insurance

                  how much does yoga insurance cost?

                  Considering the value you get when you pay for general liability coverage, yoga insurance is quite affordable. Most liability coverages are priced between $100 and $200 per year for an independent contractor (also known as an independent yoga instructor). Professional liability coverage for a business or yoga studio owner, which often covers not only the yoga student but also the instructor, will be more expensive. As a business owner with employees, you can expect to pay $200-$300 per year, plus additional yoga instructor fees covered in the insurance policy.

                  What modalities does yoga civil liability insurance cover?

                  Most yoga teacher insurance policies will cover virtually any modality under the yoga umbrella, though it’s important to check with your insurance provider to be sure. In fact, professional liability insurance is not necessarily limited to just the yoga industry. A personal trainer, pilates instructor, or yoga instructor can find insurance coverage that covers a wide range of activities and scenarios. While this may be true, it’s important to do your due diligence when selecting an insurance program.

                  When should I buy yoga liability insurance?

                  Because yoga instructor insurance is so affordable, many yoga teachers choose to sign up for some type of insurance program during their yoga teacher training course. Since many teacher training programs require contact hours, both general and professional liability coverage will cover you in the event of a yoga injury or accident.

                  Otherwise, it’s very important to secure some form of general liability coverage when you start teaching yoga to others. It is also recommended that you use a yoga liability waiver for each yoga class, to ensure that you are fully protecting yourself every step of the way.

                  How do I find the best yoga insurance for me?

                  Choosing your insurance coverage depends on how often you teach yoga, where you teach yoga, and what styles of yoga you will teach. it also depends on your budget and what kind of support or benefits you are looking for in an insurance policy. When selecting an insurance company, keep the following points in mind:

                  • insurance program prices
                  • what modalities would you like to see covered (i.e. will you practice yoga therapy or teach a group yoga class? will you teach multiple styles of yoga or attend a yoga teacher training? are you also a personal trainer or pilates?instructor?)
                  • What does liability coverage include? Does it cover only your yoga class at a yoga studio? or does it cover private lessons anywhere, like with sup yoga? Does this yoga insurance policy include online yoga classes?
                  • additional benefits that might be helpful to you, such as bodily injury, medical bills, business property coverage, workers’ compensation, malpractice insurance, etc.
                  • how much coverage do i need to have for my yoga liability insurance?

                    While I can’t officially recommend what type of yoga insurance coverage you should choose, an industry standard is $2 million per event and an annual aggregate of $3 million. Some form of coverage for property damage, medical expenses, and product coverage is also recommended.

                    Do I need to get liability insurance if I am a yoga teacher training student?

                    Most yoga professionals will recommend that you get some form of yoga insurance coverage, even if you are a student in yoga teacher training. This is because you are still teaching yoga classes during these trainings, and should something happen, such as bodily injury or property damage, you will be protected. That said, this is a personal choice that you have to make for yourself.

                    As a yoga teacher, what kind of insurance do I need?

                    The two most common (and important) types of yoga teacher insurance you need for yoga instruction are general liability insurance, which covers accidents that may result in bodily injury, and professional liability insurance, which covers malpractice claims. With this combination, you’ll be covered for both accidents, such as slips and falls, and any negligence claim made by one of your students.

                    Many insurance policies offer additional services, such as product liability coverage, property damage coverage, and even stolen equipment coverage. Product coverage is useful if you are a massage therapist, for example, and your client has an adverse reaction to the product you use. Similarly, property coverage is helpful if any property damage accidentally occurs as a result of your instructions.

                    It’s important to consider exactly the ways you’ll need coverage so you can choose the yoga instructor liability insurance that’s right for you.

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