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When you’re traveling, unforeseen accidents or illnesses can occur, and it’s essential to have proper medical coverage. At Squaremouth, we offer emergency medical coverage that provides peace of mind during your journeys. In this article, we’ll explain how our coverage works, what expenses are included, and the exclusions you should be aware of.

Covered Travel Medical Expenses

If you sustain an injury or illness during your covered trip that requires treatment by a physician, we will reimburse you for reasonable and customary charges. The injury must occur or the illness must begin during the covered trip. The documented initial treatment must also be administered by a physician during the covered trip.

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Under our coverage, we reimburse medically necessary expenses incurred for:

a. Physician or Registered Nurse (RN) Services and Related Tests or Treatments

We understand the importance of medical professionals and their services. Therefore, we cover expenses related to physician or registered nurse services, as well as any necessary tests or treatments.

b. Medications Prescribed for Treatment

If you require medication to treat the injury or illness, we will reimburse you for the cost of those prescribed medications.

c. Anesthesia, X-ray Examinations or Treatments, and Laboratory Tests

We know that additional procedures, such as anesthesia, x-rays, and laboratory tests, may be necessary during your treatment. Rest assured, we will cover these expenses.

d. Local Ambulance Services to and from a Hospital

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In case you need to be transported to or from a hospital via local ambulance services, we will reimburse you for the associated expenses.

e. Room and Board in the Hospital

Hospital stays can be a significant part of medical treatment. We provide coverage for room and board expenses, subject to the daily limit shown in the schedule of benefits.

f. Artificial Limbs, Artificial Eyes, Artificial Teeth, or Other Prosthetic Devices

If you require artificial limbs, eyes, teeth, or any other prosthetic devices as a result of your injury or illness, we will reimburse you for their cost.

g. Emergency Dental Treatment

Accidental injury to your natural teeth during a covered trip is also covered under our policy. The cost of emergency dental treatment is limited to the maximum limit shown in the schedule of benefits.

Please note that coverage for emergency dental treatment is not applicable if the treatment or expenses occur after you’ve reached your return destination, regardless of the reason. The treatment must be administered by a physician or dentist during the covered trip.

Coverage Duration and Limitations

We will reimburse you for all treatment related to the initial injury or illness for thirty (30) days from the date of the first treatment during the covered trip or until the date of your return, whichever is later. After the coverage termination date, as shown in the policy’s effective and termination dates section, we will not cover any expenses incurred, regardless of the reason.

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To ensure that our coverage aligns with reasonable and customary charges, we will not pay benefits in excess of these charges. Furthermore, we do not cover any expenses that are already included in the cost of the covered trip or incurred by another party at no cost to you.

Advance Payment and Reimbursement

If you require admission to a hospital during your covered trip for an injury or illness, we will arrange for advance payment directly to the hospital if necessary. The hospital stay must be certified as medically necessary by the treating physician on-site.

The advance payment amount will be deducted from the travel medical expense benefit limit shown in the schedule of benefits. However, please note that you agree to reimburse us for this payment if you do not complete the claims process as described in the claims payment section.

We understand that sometimes you may require an advance payment, so we are here to support you. However, we reserve the right to refuse an advance payment request if we confirm that your claim is not covered by the policy. Additionally, advance payment benefits will not duplicate any other benefits payable under the policy.

Exclusions for Travel Medical Expenses

While we strive to provide comprehensive coverage, there are some exclusions to the travel medical expense benefit. We will not pay benefits for any loss caused by or resulting from the following:

  • Services provided by you, a member of your family, or your traveling companion.
  • Alcohol or substance abuse or treatment for the same.
  • Experimental or investigational treatments or procedures.
  • Expenses incurred by any child born during the covered trip.
  • Care or treatment that is not medically necessary, except for related reconstructive surgery resulting from trauma, infection, or disease.
  • Mental health care.
  • Physical therapy or occupational therapy.


At Squaremouth, we understand the importance of your health while traveling. Our emergency medical coverage ensures that you have the necessary support in case of an unexpected injury or illness. With our extensive coverage and reimbursement options, you can focus on enjoying your trip while we take care of your medical expenses. Travel with confidence and peace of mind knowing that your health is in good hands with Squaremouth.

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