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did your research and decided that buying a travel insurance plan made sense for your next trip. so you bought your policy, feeling confident and sure that if something went wrong, and you met the conditions outlined in your policy, you could have a reliable resource for your problems, potentially in the form of assistance, reimbursements in non-refundable, prepaid costs. and other benefits.

feels good, right?

Reading: How to cancel travel insurance

but then something happened. perhaps she discovered that she bought the wrong policy. or he is simply not satisfied with the policy he purchased. Regardless of the circumstances, he finds himself searching for answers to a burning question: “can I cancel travel insurance?”

Don’t worry, we have answers.

so can you cancel the travel insurance?

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in a simple word, yes. yes, you can cancel the travel insurance. But you can’t just cancel travel insurance when it’s convenient; You will need to cancel your policy within a period of time called the review period. this time period begins at the time of your purchase and ends at the time determined by your travel insurance provider.1

for example, with allianz global support, the review period is 15 days for most states. If you’re not completely satisfied, you have up to 15 days (or more, depending on your state of residence) to request a refund, as long as you haven’t taken a trip or filed a claim. (note: to determine the review period for your status, please check with the allianz global support team, we will tell you how to do this shortly).

How do you cancel travel insurance?

The steps to take to request a refund from a travel insurance policy within the described review period may vary depending on your provider. If you purchased a policy through Allianz Global Assistance, the fastest way to cancel travel insurance is to visit the online policy management tool. To access this tool, log in to your account or simply provide your email address or policy number.

what should you do before canceling travel insurance?

There are a few reasons why you may want to contact allianz global support before going through the steps to cancel your policy online. For example, if you’re just not sure if you bought the right policy for you and your trip, our specialists can guide you through your plan options to make sure you have the right plan with the right benefits for your trip. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, 24 hours a day, by calling us at 1-866-884-3556.

what if you need to change your travel insurance policy?

See also : Shopifys Evolution – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Perhaps after some thought, you want to upgrade your travel insurance policy to a plan with more coverage. or maybe the dates of the trip you originally purchased the plan for have changed a bit. As long as you haven’t gone on a trip or filed a claim, you may be able to change your policy by accessing the online policy management tool.

what happens if you can’t cancel your travel insurance?

If you allow the review period to expire, you will no longer be able to cancel your policy.

but this does not mean that the travel insurance policy you bought still can not be useful. For example, if you purchased your policy because your primary concern was getting emergency medical benefits, but before your trip began, you are forced to cancel your trip for a reason covered in your policy, then you may benefit from cancellation protection. trip. this benefit can reimburse prepaid non-refundable costs of your trip, such as airfare, cruise tickets, excursion reservations, and hotel reservations.3

While some circumstances are always out of your control, protecting your travel investment is not. be sure to read your plan documents, especially the certificate of insurance/policy. That way, you can travel with confidence knowing you’ve purchased the right plan to help you travel your way.

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