Is my car insured? How to run a car insurance check

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what if my car is not insured?

If you are found to be driving without insurance, you could:

In the worst case scenario, you could end up going to court, face an unlimited fine, and be banned from driving. The police can also impound and, in some cases, destroy a vehicle that is being driven without insurance.

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how to check vehicle insurance: does my insurance renew automatically?

If you previously purchased an insurance policy on your car and aren’t sure if it’s still covered, your policy may have been automatically renewed.

Most insurers will send you a renewal notice just before your 12-month insurance period ends. But if you don’t take action before the policy expires, your insurer may automatically renew your coverage. If you think this has happened, contact your insurer and check your bank statements to see if any payments have been made in the last year.

If your policy has auto-renewed, make a note of the expiration date for future reference so you can shop for car insurance early.

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Auto-renewing your policy is usually more expensive, so it’s worth making sure you get the best auto insurance quotes up front and avoid sorting out your insurance at the last minute.

Some motorists have also been known to purchase a new auto insurance policy with a different carrier without realizing that their old policy has been automatically renewed. this has resulted in two separate policies for a single car. In addition to causing potential complications in the event of a claim, this also means that the policyholder is paying more than he should, since only one policy can be valid at any one time.

who can drive my car?

Just because you’ve used an insurance checker and found out your vehicle is insured, that doesn’t mean anyone can drive it.

Insurance policies cover drivers, not cars, so before letting someone loose behind the wheel, check to make sure your policy allows other fully insured motorists in their own right to drive your car. otherwise, you’ll need to add them to your policy as a designated driver.

Am I still insured if my car is written off?

If your car is written off, ownership effectively transfers to your auto insurance provider. then you will receive a payment equal to the value of the vehicle if it were sold in its pre-accident condition. this is known as an agreement.

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If you want to drive another car, even temporarily, you’ll need to check with your insurance company.

If your car has reached the end of its useful life and you want to get rid of it, you can arrange to have it picked up by a junk dealer. the moment they load it onto their truck, you can cancel your insurance.

can i drive a car without insurance with my insurance?

every car on a uk road must be covered by insurance, with a minimum of third party cover. always check the auto insurance status of any vehicle you intend to drive.

Can I check if my car is taxed and has an engine?

Even if you follow the steps to check if your car is insured, you must also make sure that it has the road tax and a valid MOT.

You can check if a car is taxable and has a valid mot certificate using the government’s free car check service. You can find out if a vehicle is currently taxed or registered as an off-roader (sorn) simply by entering the registration number.

In addition to letting you know if the car has been taxed and when the tax is due, you’ll also know when the next MOT is due. it also indicates the make of the vehicle and when it was first registered.

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