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do you know how to change btc to bnb?

Storing every digital asset and currency you own in a trusted wallet seems like a smart move.

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However, if you want to be able to use the trust wallet app to exchange coins, you may have some limitations.

Let’s say for example you have bitcoins in your wallet and you want to exchange them for binance coins. it’s possible?

Well, let’s talk about it. In today’s article we will teach you how to trade btc for bnb, how to trade btc for bnb in a trusted wallet and everything you need to know before exchanging in trusted wallet app.

how to exchange btc to bnb: use the trusted wallet to exchange btc, bnb and other currencies

trust wallet allows you to buy bnb, store tokens and keep your assets in a non-custodial environment.

For many users, the security and quality measures of trust wallet mean that they can keep their money safe very easily.

Because the wallet operates in a decentralized environment, you can use the pancake exchange to acquire decentralized tokens. however, using the trusted wallet’s built-in exchange is not as practical as you might think.

how to exchange btc to bnb: can you exchange btc to bnb in a trusted wallet?

no, it is not possible to change btc to bnb in the trusted wallet directly. this is because sharing can only be done on the same network.

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However, trust wallet supports multi-chain transactions, but when it comes to custom exchange, you will run into basic limitations.

You can store, buy and sell your crypto assets, but trading btc for bnb is different so you will need to find an alternative.

how to change btc to bnb as a trusted wallet user

bitcoin does not operate on the binance smart chain, but bnb does. Since you cannot exchange cryptocurrency tokens on the Binance chain for a coin that is not on the same chain, you will need to look for alternatives.

From a practical point of view, the best way to trade this cryptocurrency is by going to the main source, which is the binance centralized exchange.

register on binance exchange

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up your binance cryptocurrency account.

set up your binance account

unlike the trusted wallet, binance is actually a centralized exchange. If you want to trade BTC, buy crypto and even withdraw fiat money, you will need to complete identity verification.

this is required. You must provide adequate proof of identity if you want to take full advantage of the platform’s features.

Unverified accounts can access cryptocurrencies, but will encounter limitations.

send btc from trusted wallet to binance

now, since you want to exchange the bitcoin you have in your trusted wallet, you will need to send these funds to binance.

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all you need to do is find your binance bitcoin address, place it in the trusted wallet, and then send the funds.

use binance convert

once you have received your bitcoin on binance you will need to use binance convert on your account and btc bnb trading pair.

Before you have completed the process, remember that you will have to pay fees for this transaction.

but don’t worry because binance smart chain fees are some of the most affordable in the crypto world.

send bnb from binance to your trusted wallet

finally, because you want to have bnb in your trusted wallet, you will need to send it from binance to your trusted wallet address.

find your “receive” bnb address and paste it into binance. then you can send the funds.

you can’t directly exchange the two tokens in the trusted wallet, but using binance as your alternative is the best way to do it

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how to change btc to bnb: final thoughts

Being able to trade btc for bnb is important if you spend a lot of time in the cryptocurrency industry and plan to be able to trade these coins, buy and sell them normally.

While you can’t exchange btc to bnb on the trusted wallet, you can with an alternative like binance.

I hope that in this article you have learned how to change btc to bnb.

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