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Signed quarter used for a easy coin trick for beginners

There are many ways to learn how to do coin magic tricks in books like modern coin magic by j.b. expert coin magic by bobo or david roth by richard kaufman, or any of our other most popular money magic tricks.

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but what about coin tricks for beginners or coin magic tricks for kids?

We’ve got you covered with these easy and free coin magic tricks.

produce a coin behind someone’s ear

The “fourth ear” trick is a simple and easy to learn magic trick that everyone’s grandpa or uncle has tried at some point. Despite being easy to do, there is no denying that making money out of thin air is a magical moment.

Before you begin, you will need to learn a beginner coin sleight of hand known as the finger palm:

  • start with a coin in your right hand (or left if you are left-handed), placed on the bottom joints of your two middle fingers (photo a).

    bend your fingers and gently squeeze the coin between the joints (photo b).

    now you can rest your hand naturally at your side or on the table (photo c).

    Magician joshua jay shows how to do a beginner coin magic sleight of hand move known as the finger palm

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    Magician Joshua Jay shows the secret to a beginner coin magic trick where you produce a coin from behind an ear With the coin resting in finger palm, it’s time to produce the coin:

    • Get close to the viewer’s ear while maintaining eye contact with them.

      once your hand is out of his peripheral vision, stretch out your fingertips and push the coin towards the end of your fingers at the same time (photo d)

      look at your right hand again and show the coin. this all happens in one fluid motion that takes a couple of seconds tops.

      make a coin disappear

      Making an object mysteriously disappear is one of the most powerful pieces of magic you can perform. And with just a coin and a little practice, you, too, can look like a real-life Harry Potter. While the gif below uses a super cool coin magic trick called “catch,” you don’t need anything fancy to start learning how to make a coin disappear.

      • While sitting at a table, explain how you’re going to perform a special coin magic trick where you transform one coin into another coin (i.e. a penny into a quarter). This is simply a ruse, or a bit of misdirection, that will help hide the real secret to this coin trick later on. make a coin dissappear magic trick revealed

        Place the coin in your dominant hand and rest your opposite elbow on the table. your arm on the table should be tilted back so you can rest your chin on your closed fist loosely.

        start rubbing the coin on your elbow for a few seconds before “accidentally” dropping it on the table.

        Acting confused, relax both arms under the table and pick up the coin. then repeat steps 2 and 3 again. this part is important because apparently “failing” the trick twice makes the audience relax just before the fast action that makes the secret of this coin trick work.

        Go pick up the coin again. but this time, slide it with your dominant hand towards the edge of the table until it lands in your other hand which is lying open in your lap (this is a variation of a basic sleight of hand technique called “lapping”).

        Just as the coin lands, keep your dominant hand moving up away from the table as if you were actually picking up the coin. these last two steps should happen in one fluid motion.

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        go repeat exactly the same movements as before as if you were rubbing the coin on your elbow.

        While withdrawing your hand to show that the coin is completely gone, drop the actual coin from your other hand onto the collar of your shirt, allowing it to slide down your back and out of sight. show both hands empty and make a joke about how you could be an even better wizard than you thought.

        mind-reading coins

        This is a fun and easy mentalism trick that will convince your audience that you are a true mind reader. It’s impromptu, which means it’s a great party trick you can use to impress your friends and family anytime.

        close up shot of a quarter and penny used in a coin magic trick for beginners

        • Before you begin, take three different coins (ie penny, nickel, quarter) or bills. then write a prediction on a piece of paper or text it to a friend (just make sure they don’t open it too soon). for this example, we will write “you will choose the penny” as our prediction.

          Place all the coins on the table. Now you’re going to do something called a “wizard’s pick,” which uses clever wording to get them to pick a coin that you want, too.

          Ask your friend to place their hands on either of the two coins and slide them towards you.

          If they swipe the nickel and quarter, emphasize how by removing the nickel and nickel, they have chosen to keep the penny (wording is important). they can then open the prediction to see that you have performed a miracle.

          if one of the two coins they swipe is your prediction (ie nickel and penny), it will immediately prompt you to pick these coins up in your hands. as they do, you’ll push the remaining coin (in this case, the quarter) to the side indicating how “they have chosen to remove the quarter”.

          tell them to give you a coin (being vague is key here). if you get the penny, say “great, you selected the penny” and continue with the prediction.

          if you get the nickel, say “great, we’ll get rid of this one too” and place it next to the nickel on the table. mention how they have chosen to “keep” the penny”. then proceed to prediction.

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