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Are you wondering, “what’s my policy number?” Auto insurance companies assign policy numbers to each and every policy they issue. Like an account number, an auto insurance number is an identifying sequence of letters and numbers that can be used to access your account or make payments.

Your proof of insurance card provides proof of the valuable coverage you need for you and your car. It’s also important to have your complete policy number if you need to contact your customer service agent or plan to submit a cancellation request after comparing premiums.

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How do I find out my car insurance policy number? can you find your policy number online? Below, we’ll explore four places to look for a car insurance policy number:

#1 – the declaration page

Your auto insurance declaration page is the most detailed policy document you will receive.

includes all of your personal information, your vehicle information, your coverage information, the length of your term, the coverages you have elected to have, and the discounts you are receiving.

If you have your declaration page handy, you can find your policy number on this document near the top of the main page.

Usually the number itself will be labeled “policy number”, but some companies may refer to it as an account number.

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Whether it’s just a sequence of numbers or letters and numbers combined depends on the company you’re doing business with.

#2 – your auto insurance ID card

Finding your insurance policy number can be as simple as looking at your car insurance card. Your declaration page may be the first place you look for your policy number, but you don’t usually take the declaration page with you when you travel.

If you are away from home and do not have access to this policy document, you can also find your policy number on your insurance member ID cards.

Auto insurance identification cards, also known as “proof of insurance,” are smaller pieces of paper that you must carry with you in each vehicle.

These cards show that you have insurance and who you are insured with. the cards do not include all of the information found on your declaration page, but they do include your policy number and term.

#3: Your auto insurance statement

It can be a bit confusing when looking up your policy number on a statement, just like your life insurance policy. That’s because of how some auto insurance companies handle payment plans.

If you plan to pay your policy in full, your actual policy number will appear on your statement. however, if you pay monthly, things can get confusing.

Some companies that have been around for years set up different payment accounts to accept monthly and quarterly bills from their customers.

this is the case of one of the largest suppliers in the country that goes by the name of state farm. if you have a payment plan, the account number on your statements may not be your policy number.

#4 – your insurance company

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If you’ve lost all of your policy information and don’t have your policy number saved on your phone or other mobile device, you can call your insurer and ask them to provide it to you.

Before the company gives you the number, you will need to provide the following:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • other identifying information to verify your identity
  • You can also ask your insurance agent to send you your policy documents since you lost them.

    Some companies will not charge you for a copy of your declaration page and identification cards, but others will. See if you can get them emailed to you for free so you can print them yourself. or you can get the number through your insurance company’s online access portal.

    Do officers accept electronic proof of insurance?

    If you’re not the most organized person, it might make sense to keep electronic ID cards in your email or stored on your phone.

    This option ensures that you always have access to your policy number. The only states that do not allow electronic proof of insurance are Connecticut and New Mexico. washington dc. also does not accept electronic ID cards as valid proof. in these states, you will need to bring your auto insurance certificate with you.

    If you’re interested in changing providers to save money, now is the time to quote the cost of coverage. use a smart online quoting tool to find out how much each major carrier will charge you.

    Once you have the cost comparison, you can effectively make the switch to save the most money. We hope you have found this guide on how to find your insurance policy number helpful.

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