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the best cheap car insurance companies in georgia

cheapest car insurance quotes in georgia: agricultural agency

farm bureau has the most affordable rates for minimum coverage auto insurance in georgia. At $562 per year, farm bureau auto insurance quotes are 23% less than the state average and 12% less than the next cheapest insurer, state farm.

To be eligible for insurance coverage through the Farm Bureau, you must be a member of the Georgia Farm Bureau. membership is open to all and only costs $35 per year. a membership might be worth the price, considering its minimum coverage rates are $78 less per year than the next cheapest widely available insurer, and full coverage rates are $88 less.

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Active duty military, veterans and their families can take advantage of even lower usaa rates at $557 a year.

the cheapest full coverage car insurance in georgia: agricultural bureau

The farm bureau offers the lowest rates for full coverage too, at $1,322 a year, which is $321 less than the state average.

In addition to liability coverage, comprehensive coverage policies include comprehensive and collision coverage. comprehensive coverage pays for damage resulting from incidents beyond your control, such as hail or theft, while collision coverage pays for damage to your own car when you are in control of the vehicle.

cheapest auto insurance quotes for georgia drivers with prior incidents

Insurance companies customize their rates based on a number of factors, including your driving history and credit score. Incidents on your driving record, such as citations for traffic violations or DUIs, can cause your rates to increase. farm bureau has the best rates for drivers with imperfect records.

the cheapest car insurance after a speeding ticket: farm bureau

Full coverage insurance quotes for georgia drivers who recently received a speeding ticket are 18% more expensive than those with a clean record. farm bureau has the cheapest rates for drivers with speeding tickets: the company raises the rates to $1,446 a year, an increase of 9%.

cheaper car insurance after an accident: agricultural agency

farm bureau has the cheapest quotes for drivers who have an at-fault accident on their record. While the average cost of car insurance after an accident is $2,414 a year, Farm Bureau offers Georgia drivers full coverage insurance for $1,466 a year, the same price you’d pay with a speeding ticket and 40% below average .

Car insurance premiums increase after an at-fault accident because drivers with a recent accident pose a greater risk to insurers than drivers with clean records. in georgia, average rates increase 47% after an at-fault accident.

cheapest car insurance quotes after a dui: farm office

At $2,555 per year, or $213 per month, for full coverage auto insurance, farm bureau offers the best quotes for drivers in georgia with a dui citation. the company’s rates are $993 more affordable than the state average.

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Driving under the influence increases your insurance rates more than any other traffic violation. While rates increase 18% after a speeding ticket and 47% after an at-fault accident, they go up from $1,642 to $3,549 after a DUI, an increase of 116%.

cheapest car insurance for drivers with bad credit: farm bureau

farm bureau offers the best rates for georgia drivers with low credit scores. the state average is $2,320 a year, but the farm agency fee is $998 cheaper, at $1,322 a year for a full coverage insurance policy.

having a low credit score doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a reckless driver, but it does affect your georgia auto insurance rates. auto insurance for georgia drivers with bad credit is 41% more expensive than for drivers with average credit.

cheapest auto insurance quotes for married drivers in georgia: farm bureau

farm bureau offers married drivers the best rates we can find, at $1,322 per year, $185 below average.

Statistically, married drivers cause fewer accidents than single drivers, resulting in lower rates from many insurers. Average annual rates are 8% cheaper for married drivers in Georgia than single drivers.

cheapest car insurance quotes for young drivers in georgia: agricultural bureau

farm office offers relatively affordable rates for young drivers in georgia, with an average annual quote of $1,852 for minimum coverage. USAA-qualified drivers can take advantage of even cheaper rates at $1,317 a year, 48% less than average.

Younger and less experienced drivers typically see much higher auto insurance quotes than older drivers. An 18-year-old driver can expect to pay $2,521 per year on average for minimum coverage insurance, which is 234% more than what a 30-year-old driver pays.

If possible, we recommend that younger drivers share a policy with a parent or another older driver, which often results in more affordable rates.

cheapest auto insurance for teen drivers after ticket: farm bureau

Young drivers in Georgia can expect their car insurance rates to increase by 14% after receiving a speeding ticket. farm bureau offers the most affordable minimum coverage rate for these drivers, at $2035 a year or $170 a month.

cheapest car insurance for young drivers in georgia after an accident: farm bureau

farm bureau offers the cheapest auto insurance for young drivers in an at-fault accident, at $2,035 a year, the same increase as a speeding ticket.

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Getting into an accident causes an 18-year-old driver’s rates to increase 25% in Georgia, from $2,521 to $3,163 for a minimum coverage insurance policy.

the best auto insurance companies in georgia

drivers who are not eligible for usaa should consider farm office and state farm. both insurers received excellent ratings for financial strength, exemplary customer service scores, and high ratings from our editors.

j.d. power commissions an annual survey of car insurance customers on their degree of satisfaction with a company’s claims service.

a. m. best assesses an insurer’s financial performance based on letter grades. a higher score indicates better financial ability to pay claims, and a higher score is a++.

average auto insurance quotes in georgia by city

It’s not just how you drive that affects your auto insurance rates, it’s also where you live. Full coverage auto insurance in Georgia fluctuates by more than $1,600 per year from city to city.

minimum requirements for car insurance coverage in georgia

As in most states, drivers in Georgia must have a minimum amount of liability insurance to drive legally. The following are the minimum insurance limits required in Georgia:

georgia limits provide a modest amount of coverage, but we recommend that most drivers opt for higher limits. If your car is valued at more than $3,000, we also recommend getting full coverage auto insurance, which adds collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy.

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We collected thousands of postcode quotes in Georgia for six of the largest insurers using a sample driver with the following profile:

All quotes are based on a full coverage policy and a clean driving record, unless otherwise noted. full coverage auto insurance quotes include the following limits:

for our minimum coverage policy, we referenced the required minimum limits in georgia, cited above. Young driver quotes were obtained using minimum coverage limits.

Rate data for this study were collected from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may differ.

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