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On this page, you will find all of the state specific information for insurance licensing in the state of Virginia. this information refers to applicants for residence licenses. For additional resident license information, or for nonresident license information, see the Virginia Department of Insurance website at http://www.scc.virginia.gov/boi/. information is subject to change and we will do our best to make the process of completing the educational requirements for licensing as simple as possible.

virginia insurance bureau

Agent Licensing Section 1300 East Main Street Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: 804-371-9631 or 800-552-7945 (in VA) Fax: 804-371-9290 Website: http://www.scc. virginia.gov/boi/ email: bureauofinsurance@scc.virginia.gov

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how to get your virginia insurance license

1. complete an insurance exam preparation course

Those seeking to obtain a Virginia insurance license have a significantly greater chance of passing their licensing exam when they complete one of Kaplan’s exam preparation courses. give yourself the best chance of passing before you take the state exam.

Pre-licensing education hour requirements

  • the state of virginia does not require pre-licensing education.
  • although pre-licensing education is not required, due to the difficulty and nature of these exams, kaplan recommends enrolling in a course of study.

acceptable methods of education

Candidates holding the following designations or certifications may apply for the indicated lines of authority without taking the pre-licensing exam:

  • clu® holders can apply for the life and annuities license, the health license or both.
  • cpcu® holders can apply for the property and casualty license or the personal lines license.

Note: To apply for an exemption, applicants must submit proof that they have the applicable insurance bureau designation with their license application.

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This information refers to applicants for residence licenses. For additional resident license information, or for nonresident license information, see the Virginia Bureau of Insurance website at http://www.scc.virginia.gov/boi/.

Adjuster license requirements

The Designated Home State (DHS) Appraiser license is available to individuals who are 1) residents of a state that does not license appraisers, or 2) individuals who are business appraisers and reside in a state that only licenses independent appraisers and wants to designate another state as its home state.

2. Pass Your Virginia Licensing Exam

After you complete your test prep course, you must pass a state licensing exam. Kaplan’s test prep content is based directly on the Virginia licensing exams, so you’ll be prepared to pass the first time.


To obtain a licensing information bulletin or to schedule an exam, visit the website: https://www.prometric.com/virginia/insurance or call 866-891-6396.

frequently asked questions about the virginia license exam

After completing my pre-licensing, how should I prepare for test day?

  • Bring your pre-licensing completion certificate.
  • You must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your exam appointment to register and for staff to verify your identification and complete all security checks.
  • Acceptable IDs for required identification:
    • Driver’s license
    • Military ID card
    • State issued ID card
    • passport

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    How is the exam?

    • All test sessions are monitored during the exam, as well as recorded video and audio.
    • You may not bring personal or unauthorized materials into the testing room. These include but are not limited to:
      • outerwear
      • hats
      • food
      • drinks
      • handbags< /li
      • briefcases
      • laptops
      • pagers
      • watches
      • mobile phones
      • recording devices< /li
      • photographic equipment
      • randomized;
      • used in future exams based on performance.
      • will not count towards your final score;
      • will not count towards the allotted time for the test;

      How is the exam scored?

      the minimum passing score is 70%. At the end of your exam, your score will be displayed on the screen and you will receive a printed score report. prometric notifies the department electronically within two business days of the exam date.

      3. obtain fingerprints

      To request a criminal history report from the Virginia State Police, visit: www.vsp.state.va.us/formspublications.shtm to request your criminal history report (“chrr”). when completing the form, ask that the report be mailed to you, not to the office. For expedited service, you can also apply for a Virginia State Police CHRR for an additional fee through the following insurance industry associations: Independent Insurance Agents of Virginia, Inc., www.iiav.com, or Association national insurance and financial advisors, www. naifa-virginia.org. When you receive the full report, visit www.sircon.com/virginia to submit your request with the report attached.

      4. apply for a virginia insurance license

      Once you have passed the state licensing exam, you are ready to apply for an insurance license.

      The applicant submits an electronic license application to the office through nipr at www.nipr.com or sircon at www.sircon.com/virginia.

      it will be assigned an npn. This unique identifier is assigned through the license application process and is used to track individuals and business entities nationwide. many states use the npn to replace a producer’s license number.

      5. plan to complete required insurance continuing education (ce) credits

      All insurance producers must comply with the ce requirements of their home state. Stay on top of your CE and ahead of the competition with 365 days of unlimited access to courses when you enroll in a CE Library with Kaplan.

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