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Weddings often have their fair share of drama, but if everyone is talking about an alcohol-related accident instead of the beautiful bride, something has probably gone seriously wrong. things can quickly get out of control whenever you add alcohol to the mix. Fortunately, Thimble makes getting wedding liquor liability insurance a breeze.

So, take a deep breath and read on as we peel back the veil on wedding liquor liability insurance, giving you everything you need for peace of mind and protection during the big event.

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what is wedding liquor liability insurance?

Wedding liquor liability insurance is simply liquor liability coverage. offers protection against the financial consequences of property damage and bodily injury claims arising from alcohol-related incidents at a wedding.

People expect to have a few drinks at a wedding after the champagne overflows. It’s important to keep in mind that there are always risks with alcohol in the scene, especially when that guy heads out onto the dance floor with a drink in hand! if some unexpected and unwanted drama arises, at least you know you’re protected.

If your big day brings big trouble, thimble wedding insurance can help protect event hosts and planners from facing serious financial consequences. At the end of the special day, the last thing you need to worry about is paying an unexpected bill from the venue owner or a post-honeymoon date with a judge.

All of our event insurance covers you for many of the financial consequences of damages that occur as a result of liquor liability at your event. and if you normally engage in the sale or service of alcoholic beverages and hold the event on your premises, you must purchase additional alcoholic beverage liability coverage. that’s revolutionary flexibility.

what does wedding liquor liability insurance cover?

Wedding liquor liability insurance is a type of general liability insurance that provides coverage to a business for damages arising from third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. however, some policies exclude third-party injuries and alcohol-related damages. .

With thimble wedding insurance, the insured has defense, investigation and settlement of damages arising from alcohol-related claims. Liability insurance for alcoholic beverages for weddings refers to:

  • third party bodily injury (excludes employees): This coverage provides the insured with protection against claims in which someone other than an employee suffers a physical injury at the wedding when it involves alcohol. .
  • Damage to third-party property: this coverage protects the insured against claims for damage to the premises as well as to third-party property, such as their clothing or bag.
  • why do you need liquor liability for weddings?

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    Is this type of insurance really necessary? maybe you are having a small wedding at home. maybe you think you can trust everyone to behave. Besides, it’s not like your family is going to take you to court anyway, is it?

    Unfortunately, no matter how good your wedding planner is, there are some things you can’t foresee. With that in mind, it’s best to prepare for the unexpected.

    Here are some possible scenarios where wedding liquor liability insurance might protect you:

    • Your friends may be great dancers, but they may not have the balance and grace they need to stay upright if they’re dancing with drinks in hand. As the night wears on and the ground gets slippery, you don’t want to pay damages if someone needs medical attention.
    • While everyone may show up in fine suits and elegant dresses, free-flowing alcohol can quickly derail a sense of decorum. a broken glass or a broken table is no fun, but it would be much worse if you had to foot the bill for the damage out of your own pocket.
    • the next morning, people should talk about the fantastic night they just had or the honeymoon that is coming up. If the conversation turns to an impending claim for some unfortunate reason related to alcohol, your Wedding Liquor Liability Insurance can provide the defense and investigation of the claims.
    • who is responsible for claims related to alcohol at a wedding?

      If a waiter or bartender serves alcohol to someone who is obviously already a little drunk, the waiter could be liable for damages caused by that person. And that’s not all: this responsibility could extend from the server to the company that hired the hospitality staff, the host of the event and possibly even the bride and groom.

      When it comes to wedding planning, it’s crucial to realize that you could be held liable if you provide alcohol or allow people to consume it at your event, even if someone else causes the damage or injury.

      So what can you do to reduce your risk? In addition to making sure you’re protected by purchasing alcohol liability insurance, here are some tips to minimize the chances of alcohol-related disasters:

      • Use reputable vendors – You can avoid some incidents by using licensed event staff and trained servers experienced in handling crowds and intoxicated people at large events. And when you hire vendors for your wedding, make sure they have their own coverage and add you as an additional insured.
      • Limited drink tickets: A complimentary drink is a nice touch at a wedding, but keep the gifts to one or two for each guest.
      • Use a cash bar: Guests are less likely to binge drink when they have to pay for drinks. (Please note that if you wish to sell alcohol, Retail Liquor Liability is an additional level of coverage at an additional cost.)
      • ban hard liquor: If you only serve wine and beer, you help people keep up and guard against the potential chaos that is likely to ensue when a member of the wedding party inevitably asks for jello shots.
      • Serve midnight snacks: Not only will this surprise be a hit with guests with late-night cravings, but the food can help soak up the alcohol.
      • Offer a shuttle bus service: If you can afford to transport guests to their homes or hotels, you will reduce the likelihood of drunk driving.
      • how much does liquor liability insurance cost for weddings?

        Here’s the good news: wedding liquor liability insurance doesn’t have to be expensive.

        Your cost will vary based on location, number of guests, location, or hazards of the event. And, as already mentioned, if you’re in the business of selling alcohol, you’ll need additional liquor liability.

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        Recent industry research on the top wedding insurance carriers indicates that the average price of basic wedding insurance ranges from $125 to $250. however, you can get wedding insurance through thimble for as little as $115.

        So now that you know what this type of insurance covers, why you need it, and how much it costs, it’s time to ask the burning question: how do you get wedding alcohol liability insurance?

        how to get liquor liability insurance for weddings

        Whether you’re walking down the aisle or planning someone else’s wedding, you can relax when you have wedding insurance arranged by thimble.

        Ultimately, when you’re thimble protected, you can worry less about the financial repercussions of third-party injury and property damage claims, and instead focus on having a good time at the wedding.


        let us know if you’d like us to let you know when thimble wedding insurance is available in your area.

        make sure to live happily ever after

        Promising to support someone “for better or worse” is an honorable intention, but it’s much easier if you have protection against some of the worst case scenarios.

        Wedding liquor liability insurance is an essential yet affordable cost that gives you the protection you need if something (or someone) goes wrong. So when one of the groomsmen launches into an unfortunate booze-inspired rendition of the robot dance, you can relax when you’ve said “I do” to wedding liquor liability insurance.

        With thimble as part of your entourage, you can get covered in just sixty seconds and feel confident on your big day, no matter what comes your way.

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