Steps to Take to Get Your Breast Reduction Covered by Insurance

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Is breast reduction covered by insurance?

If you are reading this article, you are probably considering a breast reduction. It has become increasingly common to consider a breast reduction procedure. There are many reasons women consider breast reduction which may include changes after childbirth or that your breasts have become so large that they make everyday activities such as exercise difficult. a breast reduction procedure that can benefit you in many ways.

Many women wonder if their insurance benefits cover breast reduction surgery. If you’re wondering, “does insurance cover breast reduction?” You are not alone. Our office is asked this question frequently and we work hard to make sure our patients know all of their options and exactly what their insurance company will and will not cover.

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There are many reasons why you may be considering having your breast reduction covered by insurance

Unlike many parts of our body, breasts are often very difficult to lose weight. it’s gotten a little tricky 22. for example, many women looking to lose weight can get in as much cardio as they can, without losing weight in their breasts. however, having extremely large breasts can also cause pain when doing cardio like running, making it difficult to do so, hence problem 22.

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If you are considering breast reduction surgery, cost may be an issue when considering the procedure. however, what many women don’t realize is that there are important factors to consider when it comes to having breast reduction surgery through your insurance company. this is ideal for women who really struggle with having breasts that interfere with their daily lives and activities.

If you are considering having your breast reduction covered by insurance, here are some important points that may help you make your case for an insurance-covered breast reduction.

see a chiropractor or physical therapist for neck and back pain

For many women, one of the reasons they are considering breast reduction surgery in the first place is back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, or just general stress in the breast area. the back. The first step is usually to visit a physical therapist or chiropractor to have your specific pain discussed. During your visit, be sure to mention that you are considering breast reduction surgery to relieve your pain. ask them to make a specific note in your patient file documenting your symptoms of pain and discomfort. these visits will show them that your symptoms really do cause you pain and that you have made additional attempts to remedy it before going down the surgical route.

meet with your primary care physician

When seeking insurance-covered breast reduction, it is important to meet with your primary care physician to discuss your symptoms due to heavy, dense breast tissue. A primary care doctor will document the pain you have and review the long-term effects of your neck and back pain. don’t forget to include minor pains like feeling uncomfortable due to the pain of bra straps digging in deeply. this will give you another example to show that you have a real physical problem and that you are not just looking for cosmetic breast reduction surgery.

meet with a plastic surgeon

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Meet with a plastic surgeon, specifically one who specializes in breast reduction surgery. A consultation will demonstrate that you are being proactive in gathering information to help make the best informed decision regarding a surgical procedure. A plastic surgeon will be able to write a letter of medical necessity that will highlight your significant history of neck and back pain along with your other doctors’ treatments and recommendations. A plastic surgeon will include as part of that letter the number of grams to be removed from each breast, which is an important parameter for the insurance company to review as part of the pre-op clearance process.


Insurance companies may request pre-operative photographs as part of the prior authorization process for a breast reduction procedure. As part of the insurance pre-authorization, each insurance company will inform the medical office if photographs are required.

look at the specific activities that are affected by the size of your breasts and the pain caused

These can also include physical symptoms, such as feeling uncomfortable sitting at work all day with your bra straps digging into your shoulders. while these are not medical proof that you need back pain, they do give the insurance company a better idea of ​​why you should have insurance coverage for breast reduction surgery.

A breast reduction surgery can have many great benefits and help you live a more confident and active lifestyle. A plastic surgeon who performs breast reduction surgery on a regular basis will work diligently with you to get your insurance company to cover the procedure. As long as your insurance company receives all the pre-op and medical necessity information regarding your case, they will likely approve the procedure. most insurance companies just want to make sure your surgery isn’t done for cosmetic reasons.

Our insurance experts will obtain pre-authorization prior to your procedure and ensure that you get the maximum possible coverage for your breast reduction procedure.

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