Clasp Coin Purse Tutorial – 5 out of 4 Patterns

These little purses are a great junk destroyer and my daughters love them to store all her little treasures. I’ll show you how to make your own purse template using whatever size clasp you have to create your own custom purse.


  • purse clasp
    • the ones used here are approx 3.5″ clasps

    make your template

    • Place the zipper on a piece of paper and hold it in place.
    • Trace around the inside and outside edge of the zipper and the hinges.
    • Along the outer edges of the pat trace, extend both sides down to the size you want.
      • For my 3.5″ zipper, I made the 4 bag template ″ tall.
      • *tip: draw your template in the middle of the zipper, then fold it in half to cut it to make sure it’s symmetrical.

      cut the pieces

      • 2 pieces of main fabric
      • 2 pieces of lining fabric
      • optional: 2 pieces of fusible interface

      preparing your pieces

      • if you are using a fusible interlining, iron it on the wrong side of the lining pieces per the instructions for your interfacing.
      • place the clasp on top of your fabric pieces and mark on the fabric where the hinges sit.

      let’s start sewing!

      • Lay the main pieces right sides together and pin from the marked hinge points down and along the bottom.
      • sew along the pinned edges with a straight stitch using a 1/4″ seam allowance. backstitch several times at each hinge point.
      • repeat with siding pieces.

      box the corners

      • at the bottom edge of the main and lining pieces, grab each corner and push the seam flat creating a flat bottom and points on each side.
      • measure from each point and pin. for this size, I measured 1/2″ from the point. if yours is a different size, you may need to adjust this measurement.
        • make sure your measurement is the same for all corners.

        join the main body and the lining

        • turn main piece right side out.
        • slide liner piece into main piece wrong sides together.
        • at hinge points , turn the raw edge of both pieces over and pin them together to enclose those raw edges.
        • pin along the rest of the top edges.
          • The top edges will be hidden under the clasp, so I left them unedited. if you prefer, you can rotate them to enclose them as the hinge points.
          • Starting at a hinge point, use a coordinated needle and thread and sew small stitches close to the edge.
          • Continue sewing around the top edges using a longer basting stitch to keep everything in place, then repeat the small stitches at the other hinge point.

          place the brooch

          • slide the clasp over one edge of the bag pushing the fabric to the top.
          • pin or hold between fingers as you sew.
          • use a contrasting thread that is easily visible when removed later to baste the clasp to the fabric.
          • insert the needle from the front through the first hole in the clasp and push it through the fabric in a angle that comes out just below the back edge of the brooch.
          • use a straight stitch or whip stitch through each hole to hold it in place.
          • change your yarn to a coordinated color. this thread will be visible along the outside of the clasp.
          • slide the needle back under the edge of the clasp to hide the knot and push it through the first hole.
          • continue to sew along the clasp holes until you reach the last hole. it’s a good idea to go back to the beginning to sew an extra set of stitches to keep it secure.
          • repeat on opposite side of bag.
          • once you have finished sewing both sides, carefully cut the basting thread and pull it out.

          fill them with coins and treasure and voila!

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