How to Pick a Tubular Lock on a Washing Machine? – 2 Ways

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how to pick a tubular lock on a washing machine

Do you think learning how to open a tubular lock on a washing machine is complicated? tubular locks are more complex than normal padlocks. Since they are more secure, most washing machine coin boxes are equipped with tubular locks. But you don’t have to worry because there are ways to pick the lock on a washing machine.

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This tutorial will teach you how to open the laundry coin box without a key. In addition to following the instructions, you only have to prepare the necessary elements. As a warning, never pick the tubular lock on a washing machine if it’s not yours.

what you need for this tutorial


To pick the lock on your washing machine, you must have the right tools. we provide the list of necessary tools to follow the tutorial without any inconvenience. you can buy them at the nearest hardware store or order them online.

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If you don’t have a pick and tension wrench available, you can use paper clips as an alternative. for the pick, straighten a clip. As for the tension wrench, turn the clipboard so it looks like the letter “l”.

what to do


1. by using tubular picks

As a reminder, the needles and diameter of your tube pick must match the lock. once you make sure you have the right tubular lock, calibrate it by moving the metal ring. the needles will protrude from the beak. pressed the end of the pick on a hard surface to realign the needles.

Gently insert the pick into the tubular lock. be sure to carefully map the corresponding pin stacks. once you’re done, twist the pick while applying moderate pressure. the lock will open.

After opening the lock, don’t forget to secure the pick wires in place, as you can use it as a temporary key. If you need a replacement key for your washing machine, the lockpick is also useful as a decoder. if this doesn’t work, recalibrate the pick lock or use another method.

2. via single pin selection

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While applying light to moderate pressure, insert the tension key into the tubular lock. keep the pressure until you have opened the lock. then press the pins individually to find the binding pin. you will hear a click and the tension wrench will move slightly if you press the link pin.

continue to push all the pins in until the plug rotates ⅛ inch. it will crash again because the key pins have been realigned with the controller pins. you have to keep picking up the pins until the lock turns and opens completely. this step can take a long time, but keep doing it until you open the lock.

frequently asked questions

1. What is the best way to choose the lock for a coin-operated washing machine?

The best way to pick a coin-operated washing machine lock is to pick with a single pin. Since tube locks can vary, using tube picks doesn’t work all the time. however, harvesting with a single pin requires more patience.

2. how can i replace the master key of my esd coin box?

For security reasons, not all locksmiths will provide you with a replacement key for your esd coin box. you must contact your esd coin box dealer for a replacement key. you will need to present them with your key code.


Have you learned how to open a tubular lock on a washing machine? Opening washing machine locks can seem complicated if you don’t know what to do. It is also not necessary to drill or damage the tubular closure of the washing machine. opening it with the right tools will help you save your problem without destroying your lock. therefore, we have compiled some useful tips for you, such as how to pick a tubular lock with a ballpoint pen and how to safely drill a tubular lock in an essential case.

If you have friends who need to pick the tubular locks on their washing machines, you can share this post with them. We also want to know how this tutorial helped you. leave a comment below.

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