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Being in a car accident is stressful enough. but now you also have to go through the insurance claims process. Reporting an accident to an insurance company doesn’t have to be complicated. This article provides helpful information on how to report an accident to insurance.

Should I report it to my own insurance company?

Depends on the type of insurance claim you file. There are two types of insurance claims: (1) first party insurance claim and (2) third party insurance claim. for first-party insurance claims, you must notify your own insurance company. For third party insurance claims, you must inform the insurance company of the other driver, who was at fault for the accident.

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You should contact the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. If you are filing a first-party insurance claim, call the number on your insurance card or go online to report the accident. If you are filing a third-party insurance claim, you must obtain the other driver’s insurance information in order to contact their insurer. the insurance company may request the following information:

  • full name of insured driver
  • policy number
  • start and end date of the insured driver’s policy
  • date and time of accident
  • driver’s license and license plate numbers for all drivers
  • general description of the accident
  • The insurance company will investigate your claim by arranging an inspection of the car and reviewing the evidence. Most companies will schedule an appointment to get a vehicle damage estimate. then a claims adjuster will determine the amount to pay for the damages you sustained.

    Please note that each insurance company will have its own deadline to report an accident claim. be sure to file an insurance claim within that time limit to avoid negative consequences or penalties.

    be prepared: what to say and what not to say

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    Although you will need to disclose certain details of the accident and provide accurate information, you are not required to tell the insurance company everything. Here is a list of things to keep in mind when reporting the accident to the insurance company:

    1. reporting your injury: While you should tell the insurance company there is an injury, don’t disclose details about your injuries until after you’ve seen a doctor. be careful not to give self-diagnostic statements.
    2. Filing written statements: Do not give recorded or written statements to the insurance company until you are sure what you are filing and what the legal effects of those statements are. if you’re not sure, talk to a personal injury attorney in your area.
    3. answer questions: When the insurance company asks you questions, only answer the questions they have asked you. do not voluntarily provide information that has not been requested.
    4. Tell the truth: When reporting your car accident, stick to the facts of the accident. be careful not to make small talk or exaggerate facts.
    5. Accept Early Settlement Offers: Often the insurance company will write a settlement check up front. Don’t accept an early settlement offer unless you’re sure it’s the best offer you’ll receive. once you accept the offer, you can’t go back for more compensation.
    6. what to expect next

      Once a claims adjuster reviews your case, the insurance company will make a decision: either deny your claim or accept your claim by issuing a settlement check. Before settling your claim, it is highly recommended that you consult a personal injury attorney to ensure that you are receiving fair treatment.

      Have questions about reporting an accident to insurance? ask a lawyer

      Even if you are not filing a lawsuit to recover car accident damages, you should consider speaking with an experienced car accident attorney in your area. An attorney who specializes in car accident cases can maximize the amount of damages you recover and potentially speed up the insurance claims process.

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