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If you’ve been thinking about working from home selling insurance, you’re probably already drawn to the many benefits associated with running a business from home. In addition to the tax deduction, he will be in charge of his environment and will not have a boss looking down on him.

Insurance agents who work from home can make a very good living, but like any company, it can take a lot of work to get your home insurance business up and running. Fortunately, under the right circumstances, you can make a good living in a few months while enjoying all the benefits of working from home. here’s how to do it.

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Can you sell insurance from home?

Yes, you can sell insurance from your home, as long as you are licensed to sell insurance under the laws of your state. Depending on customer preferences and your comfort level, you may not even need to invite customers to your home. Many insurance agents conduct their business without meeting clients face-to-face, or simply meet with them at other locations.

To get started, you’ll need access to video conferencing software, a phone, and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. electronic applications and other company-specific software can help you conduct business safely.

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pros and cons of selling from home

Like any other career, selling insurance from home has some pros and cons.

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  • Working from home means you can re-devote time you would have spent traveling to building your insurance business. without the distractions of a traditional office, you can experience increased productivity.
  • working from home can help you save money. eating fewer meals on the go, eliminating transportation costs to and from the office, and not having to maintain an expensive professional wardrobe allows you to put those funds toward building your business or increasing your savings.
  • You can be more productive selling insurance from home than if you worked in a traditional office. Seventy-seven percent of remote workers say they are more productive when working from home.
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    • Working from home means dedicating a portion of your home to your business, which can be challenging if you don’t have extra space.
    • If you’re new to the insurance business, selling from home can feel isolating. It may seem more difficult to ask a co-worker a quick question when you’re alone. Also, the lack of community can be stressful for some people.
    • Insurance agents who sell from home are often responsible for purchasing and maintaining their equipment. If you’re not tech-savvy, small problems with your computer or internet connection can be time-consuming and frustrating.
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      What licenses do you need to sell from home?

      Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain a special type of license to conduct business from home. You may also need special permissions if you plan to invite clients to your home.

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      general business license

      This basic license may be required by your state, county, or local municipality. double check to make sure your insurance business also complies with local zoning rules. Also check with your homeowners association before starting your business. you may need to request a variance or exception.

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      professional license

      Some home-based businesses require a professional license to operate from a home. Your state business office can help you understand if your insurance business is required to submit documents to obtain this license.

      While you may or may not need a specific type of license to sell from home, you must obtain your insurance license as required by the state where you live before you begin conducting business.

      In most states, you can choose between two licenses:

      • Life, Health & Accident: Life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, and sick health and medical benefits.
      • Property & Casualty: Auto, Home & Business Insurance.
      • Your state may require you to complete a pre-licensing educational course that includes practice tests, study guides, and access to instructors. many pre-licensing courses are 20 to 40 hours.

        Your state is responsible for the licensing exam, which may include questions about contract laws, policy provisions, state-specific insurance rules, and the duties and responsibilities of an insurance agent. You can apply for a license through your state insurance department, state corporation commission, or department of financial services. You may also need to complete a background check and be fingerprinted.

        After you have completed all the steps to obtain your insurance license, the state will review your application. As soon as you receive your official insurance license, you can start selling insurance.

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        how to be successful selling insurance from home

        When you start selling insurance from home, it’s essential to have the mindset that you can (and will) succeed. Having the right mindset will help you take action when it’s time to work towards success. Here are some important tips on how to be successful selling insurance from home:

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        1. choose a niche

        When you choose to become an insurance specialist, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition as the go-to insurance professional in your area. It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the type of insurance you sell so you can answer your customers’ questions and help educate them about the importance of this crucial financial product.

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        2. develop your skills

        Selling insurance is like any other profession in that you must develop the necessary skills to do the job well. Commit to a certain number of hours each week during which you will devote your attention to mastering your sales skills and staying on top of the latest news in your industry. Webinars, conferences, and formal continuing education classes can provide valuable insights.

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        3. feel comfortable with the electronic application process

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        Paper applications are a thing of the past for many insurance companies. Your clients may find face-to-face meetings too time-consuming, and with electronic applications, you can sell an insurance policy 100% remotely. If your clientele is older or uncomfortable working within an electronic application, you can complete the entire document online on your behalf with them over the phone.

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        4. set a fixed schedule

        When you sell insurance from home, your family, neighbors and friends can access you 24/7. they know you’re home and may not understand how important it is for you to keep good limits on your work hours. take a look at a typical day and discover the best time to work without interruptions. Pick a block of time during business hours that is normally quiet so you can consistently cold call, prospect, and build your book of business.

        once you determine your schedule, let those close to you know your official office hours and provide gentle reminders about how important it is for you to stay focused.

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        5. make a plan to generate leads

        Using your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, formulate a plan to generate a steady stream of warm leads. Without leads, it is impossible to build your insurance business, no matter where you are. Traditional marketing methods can help you gain name recognition, but they can be expensive. Digital marketing strategies help you make connections with people who may eventually need your services. It’s worth investing your time in building a following on social media by posting relevant (and free) insurance information.

        As you work to build a reputation as an expert in the insurance industry, consider buying high-quality insurance leads. real-time lead sources and live calls can connect you with people in your area who are actively seeking insurance coverage.

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        6. invest in your team

        As an agent selling from home, you’ll need access to high-quality, reliable equipment. a good computer with several large monitors, a cell phone with excellent reception, a laptop that you can take with you, an ergonomic chair and workstation, good headsets for clear, hands-free phone conversations, good lighting, a quiet environment, and a reliable internet connection are crucial.

        While you can sell insurance without some of these things, their absence can make your life more difficult and uncomfortable.

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        Start your career selling insurance from home today

        It doesn’t matter if you start selling insurance from home part-time or dive into your new career full-time. solving the details of your daily routine, educating yourself to be able to provide high-quality services to your clients, and establishing a home environment conducive to productivity will set the stage for your success.

        When starting your business from home, Nectar can help you connect with high-quality leads so you can start building your business right away and successfully selling insurance from home. With Nectar, you’ll gain access to real-time insurance leads provided by Insurance IQ’s patented technology. sign up to get started today.

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