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If you’re in the process of moving to a new state, you’ll need to transfer your auto insurance policy and register your vehicle within the first month or two. You’ll probably have to go to the dmv to update your license and registration, but you should be able to update your insurance online.

how to update your insurance and registration in a new state

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step 1: finalize your move

With all the work that comes with moving, it would be hard for you to get new auto insurance and registration right after you change states.

This is why states offer a grace period to obtain a new license, registration, and insurance documentation for your vehicle.

However, within 30-90 days of your move, you will typically be required to transition your:

Failure to complete these tasks within this period may result in fines and further delay the process.

step 2: buy a new car insurance policy

Once you’ve taken a few days to settle into your new home, you should begin the process of transferring your vehicle insurance and registration paperwork to your new state.

Most states require you to provide proof of insurance before you can register your vehicle, so changing your auto insurance policy should be your first step.

you can stay with the same insurer

If your current insurance company provides coverage in your new state, you may be able to stay with that insurer. do it:

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However, keep in mind that even if you stay with your current insurer, your policy rates and coverage may change to reflect the inherent risks of your new neighborhood and the minimum insurance required by your new state.


If you decide to switch insurers, you should know that you can switch auto insurance policies in the middle of the policy. If you’ve already paid for coverage, you may be able to get a prorated refund. however, some companies have a cancellation fee.

Call your insurance agent, ask if they provide coverage in your new state, and request a quote on what your new rates and coverage would be.

check for best rates

In addition to getting a quote from your current insurance carrier, we recommend getting quotes from two or three additional carriers to compare rates.

Compare coverage and quotes from the cheapest insurance companies in your state to find the best rates. Below, we present the average cost of auto insurance in each state, for both full and minimum coverage, ordered from highest to lowest cost.

purchase a new policy

once you have selected an insurance company:

This way, your coverage will never expire and you won’t have any overlap on your insurance either.

Step 3: Register your vehicle in its new state

Once you’ve obtained insurance coverage in your new state, you can register your vehicle and get a new license plate.

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In most states, to complete registration, you will need to submit your:

In addition, you may be required to provide proof of your identity and state of residence. Documents that can be used to prove this information may include:

however, you should check your state dmv website for a complete list of your approved documents.

Your insurer may have provided you with temporary proof of insurance, either electronically or in the form of a printable document, when you purchased coverage. otherwise, she will have to wait until her insurance card arrives in the mail to register her vehicle.

once you have all the necessary documentation, you should:

once you complete your registration and receive a new license plate, send your old license plate to the dmv of your old state.

step 4: apply for a new license

Finally, you will need to apply for a new driver’s license. Ideally, this will be done at the same time and place as your vehicle registration.

however, you may need to travel to a new location to complete this application and have your picture taken. ask your assistant at the registration office where you can apply for a new driver’s license.

As with your registration process, you will need to:

Once this process is complete, you will be a fully registered driver in your new state.

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