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Challenge Coins have a rich history, some say dating back to an elite flying squadron in World War I. its use during that time might have been minimal, but the concept took off during the vietnam war. challenge coins are still popular today. while they are often associated with the military, other organizations also give out challenge coins.

To an outsider, a challenge coin may seem like nothing more than a luxury collectible. It is true that these coins are collector’s items, but they are also wrapped in a true tradition. challenge coins indicate membership in something important, and there are rules that govern them. playing the game by issuing a challenge with a coin is something every coin owner should be familiar with.

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It’s an honor to receive a challenge coin. That’s why it’s important to know the etiquette that surrounds these important keepsakes. When you use Challenge Coins the right way, you’re contributing to a proven tradition that inspires camaraderie and membership. These are the twelve essential rules that you must follow if you want to play the challenge coin game.

12 rules

1. the rules of the game should be given or explained to everyone who receives a coin. It’s rude to announce a challenge if you haven’t analyzed the way it works ahead of time.

2. Coins must be carried at all times, and challenges can be called anywhere, anytime. You can only follow four steps to reach your coin.

3. the challenger must clearly indicate whether the challenge is for one drink or a round of drinks.

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4. if the challenged person does not present the coin, the challenge must be accepted and drinks purchased. each person can only be challenged once.

5. If everyone who is challenged manages to produce a coin, the challenger is on the hook for buying the drinks. Be careful who you challenge.

6. never give a coin to another person in response to a challenge. doing so is the same as giving the person the coin. the coin can be placed on the table, and anyone who wants to examine it has the obligation to return it to its original location.

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7. if you lose your coin, you are responsible for replacing it as soon as possible. losing your coin does not relieve you of the responsibility to follow the rules of the game. In other words, you’re buying a lot of drinks if you lose your mind.

8. there are zero exceptions to these rules. they apply whether you’re wearing clothes or not, so think ahead. remember, you have four steps to be within arm’s reach of your currency.

9. a challenge coin is a coin. This is not a belt buckle, bracelet or necklace, so do not wear it as such. The exception is coins worn in a pouch around the neck.

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10. you should control your coin at all times. indicates honor, so don’t give it to just anyone.

11. you can’t punch holes in your coin.

12. these rules apply to anyone worthy of receiving a coin, anyone known to own a coin, and anyone who buys a coin.

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The bottom line is that a challenge coin is a matter of honor, and you should treat it as such. At cristaux, we pride ourselves on making only the best challenge coins. That’s why we love to celebrate and support the traditions that surround these extraordinary pieces.

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