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The double game: Putting your money to work in two places at the same time by leveraging the cash value of a cash value life insurance policy with maximum overfunding.

If you’ve been searching the internet for the pros and cons of using life insurance to invest in real estate, you’ve probably discovered that reliable life insurance information is hard to come by. As soon as you start to think that makes a lot of sense, you find another article telling you to stay away from life insurance and that it’s a scam. So how do you know what to believe?

There is a lot of hype, but very little factual information.

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well, you’ve come to the right place. just bookmark this page right now because you’ll want to see all the blog posts, web pages, and videos that cover this topic in great detail. I use facts and data to show that the double game works.

this website and my youtube channel are dedicated to the concept of double play: putting your money to work in two places at the same time leveraging the cash value of maximum overfunded life insurance politics.

Keep reading because I’m going to:

  1. explain the double game and show you real numbers and examples,
  2. debunk all myths as we separate facts and reality from hype and lies, and
  3. will show you valuable advice that real investors are using that your life insurance agent probably isn’t telling you.
  4. Be sure to check out the intro to the double-play video below and watch until the end because I’m giving you a pro tip you won’t get anywhere else.

    You’ll be investing a substantial amount of money in a policy, so you’ll want to make sure you’re doing it right.

    The goal of this website is to demystify life insurance and give you the tools you need to know, without talking to an agent, to get the most efficient policy designed so you can maximize your wealth accumulation by utilizing the double play. the only thing you need an agent for is to see an illustration and buy a policy.

    I’m going to debunk all the myths and misconceptions about life insurance and show you real facts and figures.

    Leveraging the cash value of a maximum overfunded life insurance policy to invest in real estate will result in greater long-term wealth accumulation than simply investing directly in real estate. you have the growth of your cash value and any wealth created by leveraging the cash value.

    double play allows you to put your money to work in two places at one time. Not only will you get tax-free growth and retirement income from your policy’s cash value, but you can actually earn more money by putting your money to work in two places at the same time. p>

    The key to double-dealing is making sure you’re using a properly designed life insurance policy with maximum excess funds. you want to minimize costs and fees on a policy to ensure you maximize your cash value.

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    If you’re a real estate investor putting your own money into businesses, then this simple approach will help you make more money doing what you’re already doing.

    • What if you could invest your money in an asset class that returns 6-8%?
    • What if you could use that asset as collateral to obtain a line of credit?
    • This means that you can take the new loan and use it to invest in real estate or financial alternatives and, to the extent that its return exceeds the interest paid, you are adding value to your original investment.
    • A properly designed and maximally excess funded permanent (whole or universal) life insurance policy allows you to do just that efficiently.

      insert epiphany here!

      Most people know the basics of life insurance, but haven’t really put it all together to make this connection.

      • Most people know that permanent life insurance has a cash value. It’s no secret.
      • Most people know that the cash value of permanent life insurance earns interest/dividends. they just thought it was less or took longer to accumulate.
      • Most people know they can cash in their policy or take out loans.
      • The last point is the biggest misunderstanding. Most people incorrectly think that you borrow the cash value of your life insurance policy. That is not the case. you borrow against its cash value. the difference is what makes this so powerful. Your cash value continues to grow even while you’re borrowing to invest in real estate. you literally have two assets working for you at the same time.

        See For Yourself: Texas Insurance Statutes Covering Policy Loans; second. 1101.009(b) and sec. 1101.009(c)

        Many banks and financial institutions offer a cash value line of credit. we can help you find a lender to make this easy.

        video example: putting your money to work in two places at the same time – example

        this sounds too good to be true

        Your cash value grows and accumulates safely tax-free between now and the day you decide to retire. But unlike an IRA or 401(k), every day between now and the time you retire, you can access a line of credit that’s guaranteed by its cash value. your retirement savings may be pulling double duty. Is your anger or 401(k) helping to put food on the table today?

        Any investment you make with that borrowed money, which earns more than the loan rate, adds value to your overall portfolio.

        Just a 1% spread, for example, is 1% more than you would have earned. Have you heard of the rule of 72? The Rule of 72 states that if you divide 72 by the interest rate your money earns, the result is the number of years it will take for your money to double. For example, if your money is earning 8%, your money will double every 9 years. and if your money is earning 9%, it will double every 8 years. 10% is approximately 7 years.

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        The rule of 72 is the most powerful concept in retirement planning.

        Listen to an interview with Tom Rutkowski explaining this on the Real Estate Investor Radio Podcast

        you can continue doing what you’re doing. Or you can apply these strategies to take your business around the next curve. click the appointment button right now to set up a time to learn how this can work for your business.

        don’t be fooled! make sure your policy is well designed.

        Check out our extensive set of resources below to help real estate investors learn how to leverage the cash value of permanent life insurance to put your money to work in two places at once.

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        download my free report: “the double game: leveraging life insurance to invest in real estate“.

        1. learn how it’s done,
        2. learn why it works and see some numerical examples
        3. learn how you’ll make more money using it, and
        4. The report will address your concerns and misconceptions about life insurance.
        5. view all recorded webinars here

          watch the educational videos on my youtube channel

          listen to my recent podcast for patriots interview where I discuss this strategy with host jim froehlich

          listen to my podcast interview “top real estate investing tips” with host joe fairless

          interview with susan colwell on real estate investor radio

          financial analysis showing the benefit of putting your money to work in two places at once

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          No advice: The financial content of this document is provided for your personal education. it is not intended for business purposes and is not a substitute for professional financial advice. always seek the advice of a competent financial advisor with any questions you may have regarding a financial matter. The information contained in this document is not suitable for making a decision to carry out a transaction or trade, nor does it provide any type of advice (investment, tax or legal) equivalent to investment advice, nor does it make recommendations regarding instruments private financiers. , investments or products.

          The sole purpose of life insurance is death benefit protection. any other benefits are incidental.

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