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Monday, November 1, the long-awaited trial of Kleiman vs. Wright will begin, as a federal jury plans to determine the relationship between Dave Kleiman and Craig Wright. Kleiman’s estate is asking for $11.4 billion, along with the return of the intellectual property (IP) or its fair market value. while bitcoinsv advocates and wright fans believe the trial will ultimately prove wright’s satoshi ostensible claims, others believe it may shed some light to prove his theories false.

the trial of kleiman v. wright kicks off next week – bitcoinsv advocates call it the “trial of the century”

More than three years ago, the Kleiman estate decided to take Craig Wright to court over his alleged relationship with the now-deceased computer forensics expert Dave Kleiman. The high-profile $1 billion Bitcoin lawsuit began on February 14, 2018, as Kleiman is alleged to have been involved in multiple business relationships involving Wright. The Kleiman estate accused Wright of perpetrating “a scheme against Dave’s estate to confiscate Dave’s bitcoins and his rights to certain intellectual property associated with bitcoin technology.”

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The court will debate whether or not Wright’s or Kleiman’s arguments are valid and the existence of 1.1 million bitcoins allegedly held in trust. After nearly four years of deliberation, the case will go to trial in Florida, beginning Monday, November 1. The case is one of the highest-profile lawsuits in the country and one of the most sought-after court records in Florida. The $1 billion lawsuit has also been of great interest to the cryptosphere because it could reveal whether Wright or his detractors have been right all along.

wright’s comrades and bitcoinsv (bsv) supporters wholeheartedly believe the aussie’s story and think he will emerge victorious during the upcoming trial. On October 30, the day before Halloween, billionaire Calvin Ayre tweeted that “the trial will change everything you think you know about bitcoin.”

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also, kurt wuckert jr. by coingeek. states that the court case will be “the trial of the century”. Wuckert Jr., appeared on a live broadcast of “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) last week and talked about the upcoming trial in Miami. The host of the live broadcast noted that there was a lack of media coverage regarding the Kleiman v. wright. Wuckert Jr. He said the media blackout over the upcoming Kleiman v. wright could mean one of two things. Wuckert Jr. stressed:

they are so deeply rooted in the fact that there is no way craig wright is satoshi or just malicious and part of a coordinated blackout campaign.

wizsec security says “the jury could order craig to pay back billions he never had”; arthur van pelt emphasizes that wright is a “con in disguise” and “craig has nothing”

Meanwhile, wright’s detractors and people who don’t believe his satoshi nakamoto claims have also been discussing the upcoming trial. on october 12, wizsec bitcoin research tweeted about the upcoming trial and “craig wright’s post-kleiman narrative”.

“kleiman v. wright is a *civil* dispute to determine what craig owes to dave’s estate (despite the funds being imaginary, craig kept trapping dave’s relatives in his schemes with big promises). it has no influence over third parties,” commented wizsec. wizsec’s twitter thread continued to analyze wright’s claims by adding:

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There is a very real possibility that the jury will order Craig to pay out billions he never had, all because he can’t admit he made it all up. he is flouting the legal system. it’s also damn poetry.

the twitter account of arthur van pelt, the author of the website called “the faketoshi fraud timeline”, has regularly criticized wright’s claims through social media. on october 30th, arthur van pelt said: “you better ask yourself, why is the whole faketoshi saga a massive trail of lies, fakes, hoaxes and assholes that allow that shit? perhaps because it focuses on a disguised scammer who attracts only charlatans? I already know the answer, and you? The reviewer has been following the case for quite some time as he believes wholeheartedly that “craig has nothing.”

Whatever the case may be and how the jury decides on this trial, overall, the outcome will be interesting, to say the least. Both sides will have their say in court, and Wright’s supporters and opponents will watch the outcome with great intensity.

what do you think about the upcoming kleiman v. wright? let us know what you think about this topic in the comments section below.

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