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Bitcoin is called for attention around the world, mainly after its share has surpassed the two R$ 300 thousand mark in 2021. Only in the previous year, considering its price in dollars, the value of the digital currency increased by 300%.

For this reason, many people are curious to know how much a bitcoin is worth. This is always relevant, once the cryptocurrency rate is constantly changing due to its high volatility. and it is necessary to know it before opting for investment.

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Us, it’s great, we’ve prepared this post so that you understand how much bitcoin is worth and how to track your price. You will also see how to invest cryptoactively in a safe way.

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how much is a bitcoin worth?

If you are accompanied by the financial market, you should know that the general interest in cryptocurrencies has been dangerous in recent years. In the meantime, bitcoin is the currency that most calls for the attention of investors and speculators. Two reasons are the fact that it is the world’s first cryptocurrency. além disso, its valorization has been surprising.

on March 13, 2021, or bitcoin chegou to be worth nearly US$62 thousand, or more than R$340 thousand. isso represents an appreciation of more than 200% in relation to the price of January 1st. However, it is important to keep in mind that the price of bitcoin does not make only positive movements.

It is common that currency is also devalued. This strong volatility is associated with a lack of ballast. for they are not subject to governors or institutions, to the price of bitcoin is free, so that the price varies only depending on the supply and demand.

how to check a bitcoin price?

To accompany a quotation over time, an updated source is required. In the end, as you saw, the money prices oscillate frequently. to obtain information, it is possible to go through the accompanying sites of the market.

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um deles é o bnn bloomberg. A useful functionality of sites like this is the possibility of visualizing the price in graphs. In this way, you can analyze the crypto behavior and try to find trends.

Of course, it is not possible to make totally accurate forecasts. However, technical analysis can provide useful insights so that we can speculate in the short term.

Many of the quotation consultation tools present the price of bitcoin in dollars. If you wanted to know how much a bitcoin is worth in real, just check the price of the dollar in relation to our money and make the conversion.

a point of attention is or fact of the rate of bitcoin could vary depending on the exchange. exchanges are like platforms on which bitcoin is traded. With the law of supply and demand acting with different results in each of them, the price of bitcoin can be different.

BNN Bloomberg / Crypto

BNN Bloomberg / Crypto

Quais são os riscos do bitcoin?

Really, or bitcoin can provide a good return, more accurate than ever before. The fact is that cryptocurrencies are not created with the objective of serving as an investment alternative.

Bitcoin was created in 2008, in a scenario of global economic crisis. its objective was to allow people to send money to others without depending on the financial institutions. In the end, there was a mistrust on the part of many people in relation to the financial system.

also, it was raised or bitcoin, whose governance is decentralized. However, as time passes, it has come to be valued to the point of being seen as an investment or a vehicle for speculation. but, as we saw, there is intense volatility, which cannot be tolerated by certain investor profiles.

além disso, it is important to mention that both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not regulated in Brazil. This means that, if you buy a bitcoin or a fraction of it and have problems, there will be no regulatory body to go through.

even, it is quite common to follow news about coups involving cryptocurrencies, such as financial pyramids. They are generally paid in cash with little knowledge of the people who are discouraged by high returns in short periods.

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In any case, before operating with cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to think about your profile as an investor and our risks. All is so perhaps slightly you would question if there is a safer way to expose your portfolio of investments in cryptocurrencies. The good news is that, sim, there is a way to invest with greater security in digital currencies.

how to invest in bitcoin more safely?

You don’t need to go only to unregulated alternatives to export your portfolio to crypto. An alternative with institutional security for cryptomoney funds. isso because they are offered by regulated institutions.

However, cryptocurrency funds continue to present risks. There are no guarantees regarding profitability. The funds are invested in variable income, and the price of their quotas is subject to the volatility of the currencies.

It is also possible to invest in cryptocurrencies through an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund, or Index Fund). These are funds with the objective of replicating a theoretical carteira. or etf hash11, for example visa replicate or nci index (nasdaq crypto index).

the wallet desse index is mainly made up of bitcoins. no entanto, other moedas também fazem part of it. for example ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, chainlink and stellar lumens. It is also important to highlight that this carteira can be altered from tempo to tempo.

the etf hash11 is managed by hashdex, a manager duly registered with the cvm (commissão de Valores Mobiliários). It is worth mentioning that a company is audited by KPMG independent auditors. It is the custodian of cryptocurrencies under the responsibility of the American companies coinbase, fidelity, gemini and bitgo.

As you once saw, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrencies without being exposed due to lack of regulation. However, do not stop considering your investor profile and your objectives. In this way, you will make investment decisions in line with your needs and risk tolerance.

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Now you know how to check how much a bitcoin is worth. I know that past profitability is not a guarantee of future profitability. Além disso, consider the possibility of investing in regulated alternatives for the financial market in order to reduce risks!

want to set up a diversified investment portfolio and expose it to crypto assets? open a account great and start investing!

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