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When you leave your job you have a few options. You can choose to stay with your employer’s health insurance plan for up to 18 months, get insurance coverage through a government health care exchange, or another insurer.


When I quit my job, I was under the impression that my health insurance would be good. I paid my monthly premium with my check, so it seemed like my coverage would continue. but unfortunately my former employer informed me that my insurance was canceled the day I quit. please let me know if this is correct?

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Please note that the last day of your health insurance through your employer depends on the end date of the last day you were employed. regardless of whether he resigned or was fired. sometimes the guidelines allow coverage to continue through the end of the calendar month. others will allow coverage up to the last day you were employed. you’ll want to contact your former employer’s benefits administration department and find out when your last coverage date was.

You should be eligible to qualify for cobra health insurance at this time. With Cobra, if you voluntarily quit your job, you have the right to continue your employer group plan at your own expense for up to 18 months.

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Your benefits administrator or other staff from your former employer should contact you and provide you with a packet with instructions on how to enroll in cobra health insurance coverage.

more information about the insurance charges;

If you quit or are laid off, you may choose to temporarily continue your current employer-sponsored health insurance through a federal law that is chargeable.

here’s the biggest problem: you’re going to pay the entire bill, oh yeah, plus up to 2% for administrative fees. If you’re used to your employer paying part of the premium, prepare for higher health insurance costs.

The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act was passed by Congress in 1985 to provide families with an insurance safety net.

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Before Cobra was passed, if you lost your employer’s health insurance, there was a nice change: You’d have trouble qualifying for health insurance coverage on your own. you’d be turned down or face insanely high premiums if you had health problems.

there are more options under the affordable care act (aca). But if you want to keep your employer-sponsored coverage after you lose your job, there’s only one way, and that’s collect. Cobra may continue coverage for up to 18 months. in addition, your spouse & dependents in “some” cases can keep coverage for up to 3 years.

You can elect to collect if you lose coverage because:

  • You quit your job.
  • was fired, unless it was for “serious misconduct”.
  • reduced their hours.
  • In addition, your dependents may elect charges if they lose eligibility for coverage due to:

    • death of covered employee
    • age, an adult child turns 26 and can no longer stay on their parent’s plan
    • divorce or legal separation from covered spouse
    • Covered employee’s eligibility for Medicare.
    • The law will allow you to continue coverage for up to 18 months if you cancel your coverage or resign. Another reason is if an employer reduces your hours. In addition, there are special cases where coverage will continue for up to three years if the loss of coverage was due to other reasons.

      Please note that you must be covered by your employer-sponsored plan at the time of your job loss or other event. if not, it is not eligible for cobra.

      To learn more about health insurance coverage, please contact one of our amazing agents directly. We’d love to hear from you and answer all of your insurance-related questions.

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