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The raspberry pi is a great hobby minicomputer, but what if we can also use it to make money?

The rise of bitcoin has created an interest in mining cryptocurrencies. If you have a spare raspberry pi laying around, you can put it to work mining digital currency.

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I used the ubuntu 20.04.3 long term support (lts) server, which is compatible with raspberry pi 3, 4 and 400 in the 64 bit version, and an old raspberry pi 3 model b revision 1.2 that I had for there.

I’m going to mine duino-coin, which is a currency that can be mined with a variety of technologies, including arduinos esp8266/32 boards, raspberry pis, and computers, as well as wifi routers, smart tvs, smartphones, smart watches, single board computers (sbcs), microcontroller units (mcus), and graphics processing units (gpus).

how to configure your raspberry pi to mine cryptocurrencies

installing ubuntu on the raspberry pi is a very simple process. you can find detailed documentation on the ubuntu website.

after installation and boot of raspberry pi, we can login with secure shell (ssh) protocol and the ubuntu server boot screen should appear:

we can even see the temperature of the raspberry pi. mine seems to be at 45 degrees celsius right after startup.

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set up your cryptocurrency

To set up duino-coin, all you need to do is follow these commands. We start by installing all the dependencies:

then we can clone the duino-coin repository:

We also need to generate a wallet where our mining earnings will be added. duino-coin has a few wallet options, including a GUI wallet, a CLI wallet, and a web wallet.

I chose the web wallet because it has additional features, such as the ability to view your miner’s stats and calculate estimated earnings.

crypto mining with raspberry pi duino coin home screen

Create a new Wallet on Duino-Coin Web Wallet. | Screenshot: Nuno Bispo

start crypto mining with raspberry pi

To run the miner, we need to run the following command:

On first run, the script will request the following configuration:

  • wallet username: this is what you created in the previous step.
  • mining intensity: is typically 95 percent, but if you’re not using the raspberry pi for anything else, you can go as high as 100 percent.
  • mining threads: this depends on your raspberry hardware pi. mine has four cores, so i chose four threads.
  • difficulty of extraction: for raspberry pi, low setting is recommended
  • designe a team name: you can choose not to add a name, but I suggest using a name so you can easily track your stats.
  • developer donation: you can choose to support the developer or not.

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then the miner will start its work. And that’s all he needs to do to start mining duino-coin on the raspberry pi.

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track your mining progress

you can go to your wallet to check your miner stats:

crypto mining with raspberry pi wallet stats

GUI Wallet shows my stats after a couple of hours. | Screenshot: Nuno Bispo

As you can see, after a couple of hours, the results are not a million dollars but an estimated $0.003 daily.

however, please note that this is an older raspberry pi 3. newer models like the raspberry pi 4b can produce up to 1.75 kh/s, compared to my ridiculously low 252.35 kh/s.

While I may not get rich, it took me less than five minutes to start mining and I had an extra raspberry pi. It’s a nice slow-growing side income with little effort. maybe in a year, I’ll be able to afford good coffee.

Crypto mining is a hot topic in the world of technology and finance. raspberry pi offers an affordable entry point for those looking to start making money through cryptocurrency.

While not as powerful or efficient as some more expensive solutions, it can still provide you with a steady stream of income.

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