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Nowadays, you can buy more things than ever with cryptocurrencies, from video games to new furniture. but should you?

“I wouldn’t do it,” says kiana danial, author of “cryptocurrency investing for dummies” and the personality behind @investdiva on instagram. while there are some circumstances where it might make sense, the practical answer for most people is no.

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Cryptocurrency markets are notoriously volatile, and the price you pay for an item today may not be worth your purchase tomorrow. Furthermore, many companies experimenting with crypto payments only accept bitcoin, which experts say is one of the worst cryptocurrencies you could choose to pay for something.

However, people are interested in how crypto might work as a payment method. nearly 20% of all us uu. adults say they are likely to make a purchase using crypto, according to a recent report from, a news and research platform for payments and trading. But before you cash out your bitcoin to top up your starbucks app, here’s what the experts say about shopping with crypto:

don’t pay with bitcoin

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was originally intended to be used exactly like money. his white paper called it a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system.” but bitcoin’s frequent and volatile price fluctuations make that unrealistic in practice.

“Price volatility makes it useless as an electronic cash system,” says ollie leech, information editor at coindesk, a major cryptocurrency news outlet. “No person in his right mind would want to buy a coffee with bitcoin. Let’s say he pays $3 for the coffee, and tomorrow his bitcoin could be worth $30. that’s a loss.

Just a year ago, in June 2020, the value of bitcoin was less than $10,000. Since then, it peaked at over $64,000 and despite a recent price drop, it remains close to the $40,000. Imagine a video game that cost $50 in bitcoin last June. if you were to wait until today to buy it, the same price in bitcoin today would cost you $200.

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People buy bitcoin “not because they expect to go to the store and spend it, but because they expect it to hold its value,” says galen moore, director of data and indexes at coindesk.

Similar advice should be followed with ethereum.

what about other cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin has failed in its mission to become a new currency, but experts say there are other cryptocurrencies that are better for trading. “Each one of them is optimized for certain things. For example, you would not go to the store and pay with gold,” says danial, in the same way that you should not spend bitcoins on your morning latte.

Some popular cryptocurrencies designed specifically to work best for spending include dash, manero, and xrp, according to danial. stablecoins, like tether or usd coin, can also be better alternatives to buy, as their prices are pegged to existing coins.

“There are currencies that are more like cash,” says pat white, co-founder and CEO of bitwave, a company that helps businesses with cryptocurrency tax filings. these coins are a better option to spend, in theory, thanks to faster processing and lower fees. “they are designed to wear out and be used very quickly.”

But in reality, there is still a downside to using crypto developed to mimic cash to make payments. take bitcoin cash (bch), for example. bch came about after the original bitcoin proved too volatile to be used as a new kind of money on the internet. a group of creators decided to break away from the original crypto and create bitcoin cash, which was designed as a more stable version for transactions. but in practice, bitcoin cash is still very volatile. in the past year, its price has risen from around $250 per coin to more than $1,500, highlighting the risk of using it to buy something at the wrong time.

taxes are another complication. While you are not required to report your cryptocurrency purchases to the IRS, you do need to report when you exchange cryptocurrency for goods or services. Every time you make a purchase with crypto, you should keep track of your cost basis, or the fair market value of the crypto when you bought it compared to when you used to trade, and report that capital gain or loss.

Are there other real uses for cryptocurrencies?

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For US citizens in the United States, “there’s probably no good reason to buy things in crypto,” Danial says.

that’s because u.s. the dollar fluctuates less than the vast majority of cryptocurrencies out there. However, when you consider a currency that is less secure and stable than the US. uu. dollar, adds to the case for cryptocurrency payments, says Roger Aliaga-Díaz, chief economist and principal at Vanguard Investment Strategy Group.

Take a volatile currency like the Iranian rial. “It loses value every day,” says danial. “I’m Iranian, my parents are too, and every time they go to Iran they try never to convert money to rial, because it just goes down.”

Would you ever buy things with cryptocurrencies?

Although not the wisest financial decision, cryptocurrency payments can provide an alternative method of transaction for those who do not have the necessary requirements to open a bank account or who cannot access traditional financing in a certain location. For example, unbanked people can transfer money to others, even internationally, using their crypto wallets, or make crypto purchases with participating merchants through apps like BitPay, all without going through traditional financial institutions. .

Some people may also choose to buy products with crypto to capitalize on the speed of the transaction. Globally, “there are a lot of deals being done with crypto,” Danial says. “maybe a prince in dubai wants to buy a lamborghini from italy, and he wants it right away and doesn’t want to wait for deposits and bank information and everything, so he buys it using crypto.”

Crypto transactions are also relatively anonymous, which is why they have a reputation for being used by criminals to buy and sell on online black markets. The prevalence of cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for illegal trade persists. He played a role in the recovery of the Colonial Pipeline, a key gas line serving the US. uu. gulf and east coasts: Last month, after hackers shut down their computer systems until they were paid $4.4 million in bitcoin. the United States. $2.3 million of that ransom fee has since been seized by the government (most of what was originally paid, as the price of bitcoin has dropped recently).

As for businesses willing to accept cryptocurrency payments, expect to see more as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow in popularity. Some companies may be looking to cash in on the latest fad or participate in the hype of a new form of payment, while others believe that cryptocurrency is the way of the future. A bullish outlook on the future of cryptocurrencies was behind tesla’s recent decision to start offering the option to pay with bitcoin, though the company stated it would stop accepting bitcoin payments for cars last month, citing concerns about its impact. environmental.

There may be a future where digital currencies become more common forms of payment, but for the average American crypto investor considering paying for their purchases in crypto, “I think we’re not quite there yet,” says danial.

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