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The year 2020 review summary completed on spotify is now available to users around the world. It allows you to easily view your most played songs, artists and albums on the Spotify app for iOS and Android. this is how it works.

Update, December 9: Spotify has released a handful of additional features for spotify wrapped today.

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  • wrapped voice commands: free and premium users in the us. uu. You’ll be able to use your voice to ask Spotify about packaging in the mobile app. In return, Spotify will tell users one of a dozen unique, personalized pieces of information about their music and podcast listening habits in 2020. To access it, a user can press the microphone button in the app’s search bar and give a variety of different voice commands.
  • instagram filters: On instagram, users can also take advantage of two fun and interactive story lenses, kaleidoscope and story quiz. data, to share your reactions and test your 2020 listening skills.
  • tiktok integration: plus social sharing on instagram, facebook, twitter and Snapchat, Spotify is adding one more social channel to the mix: TikTok. the custom integration is available to us and uk users until thursday 11th december.
  • Custom Share Cards: For the first time this year, users can customize their share card before sharing to their social media feeds. On the final screen, you’ll be able to choose from one of four different color options to personalize your wrap even more than ever.

You can learn more in the full spotify blog post right here.

While Apple Music Replay Roundup is available year-round, Spotify Wrapped releases annually in December. is widely praised for its design and social features, making it easy for users to share their comprehensive stats on social media.

how to find your spotify wrapped year round

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via the web version of spotify, you can find a basic version of 2020 wrapped via this link. The wrapped spotify web version allows you to view playlists of your best songs of 2020 as well as “missing hits”. there’s also a playlist called “on record” that lets you “dig deeper into some of your best 2020 artists with a mix of talk and music.”

but to access the full 2020 stats from spotify, you’ll need to use the spotify app on ios. Simply open the Spotify app on your iPhone, then tap the “2020 Wrapped” header on the “Home” page. spotify will then walk you through your final year 2020 review.

Spotify is using a Snapchat Stories-like interface for Wrapped 2020. You can choose to screenshot any of the stories to share them, or you can wait until the end and Spotify will give you three different Wrapped 2020 images to easily share on social media.

2020 wrapped preset images include Top Artists, Top Songs, Minutes Played, and Top Genres. Throughout the Spotify Wrapped Video, however, Spotify offers more stats on things like the number of new artists it discovered this year and the most streamed decades.

One of the best stats spotify provides is the details on how you ranked compared to other spotify users when they listened to it. For example, Spotify might tell you that you were in the “top 2%” of listeners for a specific artist this year.

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Spotify also has some details on the most streamed artists globally:

Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny takes the top spot with over 8.3 billion streams this year from fans around the world. his album yhlqmdlg—released at the end of february and featuring collaborations with sech, anuel aa, and daddy yankee—is also the number one streaming album. Following Bad Bunny is Drake and Latin star J Balvin. the fourth most streamed artist is the late rapper juice wrld, followed by the weekend.

billie eilish continues her reign as spotify’s most streamed female artist for the second year in a row, followed by taylor swift and ariana grande in places two and three. Dua Lipa and Halsey enter as the fourth and fifth most streamed female artist.

what’s in your 2020 spotify annual roundup this year? tell us in the comments!

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