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stevewilldoit net worth:stevewilldoit is a popular American youtuber, instagram star, and social media personality who has a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. he is one of the top creators of content on the internet, and is well known for his comedic challenges and prank videos.

stevewilldoit gained popularity after collaborating with the guys at nelk and started making videos with popular celebrities like bradley martin, faze rug, david dobrick, machine gun kelly and more.

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The man achieved such incredible admiration through his prank videos like “drinking a full bottle of vodka in no time”.

has over 3.7 million followers on instagram and over 240k followers on twitter. so let’s quickly break down stevewilldoit’s total net worth: income, salary, assets, brand endorsements, luxury lifestyle, career, biography and some more interesting facts about him.

stevewilldoit net worth:

as of 2022, stevewilldoit’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million dollars. is one of the best pranksters in the united states and has gained a lot of fame in a short time. The main source of his earnings came from his YouTube channel where he was earning approximately $3,500 per day.

He is making a lot of money through his content like prank videos and challenges that he shares on different platforms. he also collaborates with nelk entertainment in which he earns a good amount of money.

Stevewilldoit’s annual revenue is reportedly in excess of $1.5 million. He also earns money with the brand’s promotions and commercials.

stevewilldoit has sent some expensive gifts to his fans, like he recently gave a tesla model x to one of his fans.

net worth 2022:

stevewilldoit’s net worth in the last 5 years:

early life:

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stevewilldoit was born stephen deleonardist on august 26, 1998, in oviedo, florida, united states. She has a brother named Rocco and a younger sister named Brianna.

the family is of Italian descent, furthermore, he has not revealed anything about his parents or family members.

He completed his education at the Liceo de Oviedo, and soon after began his career making challenge videos. stevewilldoit never went to college because he wanted to pursue his career.

In May of 2017, he began posting his challenge videos to Instagram under the name stevewilldoit.


after getting a good response from his instagram posts, in May 2019, he created a youtube channel ‘stevewilldoit’. At first, he uploaded videos about consuming large amounts of alcohol, cannabis, and junk food.

on June 11, 2019, stevewilldoit recorded his first video titled “I’m taking over youtube” which exceeded one million views on youtube. He rose to fame when he became one of the members of the popular public prank channel, Nelk Entertainment.

some of his most popular videos include ‘trying to drink 12 beers in 2 minutes’, ‘fake security at hollywood’s hottest nightclub prank’, etc. Later in 2020, she moved to Los Angeles, California along with all the members of the team. by nelk.

In 2021, along with the nle, steve made a video titled “buying a $10 million yacht in bitcoin” which amassed nearly 5 million views on youtube. On top of that, in October 2020, Steve and NLE members also met with former President Donald Trump.

As of July 2021, Steve has been banned from twitch for three days after his broadcast with artist 6ix9ine. At the same time, rapper 6ix9ine gave Steve a limited edition mclaren mso x.

personal life:

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when it comes to stevewilldoit’s girlfriend, he has been dating instagram star celina smith for over 4 years. They both met at the Oviedo institute.

they even broke up at one point, but then steve confirmed on his youtube channel that they’re back on track. Steve featured her on her youtube channel and they have been seen together on several occasions.

In 2017, stevewilldoit was charged with marijuana possession, drug possession, and driving on a suspended license. at that time, he was only 18 or 19 years old.


SteveWillDoit Net Worth

car pickup:

Like any other content creator, stevewilldoit is also a big fan of expensive cars, so let’s take a look.

  • no.1 ‘lamborghini huracan, (happy daddy edition) the cost of this custom car is $300,000.
  • no.2 ‘mclaren 720s spider, the price of this beauty is around $315,000.
  • no.3 ‘rolls royce culinan is one of steve’s favorite cars and costs $500,000.
  • no.4 ‘ferrari 458 spider, the cost of the car is $250,000 .
  • n°5 ‘mercedes-benz s-class maybach, cost him the same $250,000.
  • n°6 ‘mclaren mso x is the latest luxury car in his garage and It was given to him by rapper 6ix9ine.

stevewilldoit is so rich:

  • Most of his income came from a few major streams on his youtube channel, including his nelk boys content, his product line, and his share of the pie in terms of his investment.
  • YouTube content may be the big source of his income, but it’s really his merchandise sales that make him rich.
  • In addition to making money from the Nelk Boys Association, Steve is the smart enough to launch his own exclusive line called full shipment merch.
  • steve used to upload a ton of videos that just showed him consuming large amounts of food or alcohol, which helped him capture the attention of millions of online audiences.
  • stevewilldoit gave his mother a new range rover that costs about $100,000, on the other hand, he bought a corvette for his father and the price of the car is $60,000.
  • according to some reports, he spends up to $15 thousand a year on a supply of cigarettes.

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