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let me get this straight: walmart has not announced a $1 billion purchase of bitcoin. but it will and let me tell you what will happen when it does.

microstrategy, square, and coinbase are multi-billion dollar nasdaq-listed companies with large bitcoin exchanges, but ordinary Americans don’t care. Ask your average citizen how they feel about Michael Saylor’s 91,326 Bitcoin buy micro-strategy and you’ll probably get a “what is bitcorn?” and “Michael who?”

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walmart, on the other hand, is a different story because it is the epitome of working class America. Built off the back of America’s mom and dad, it’s now the world’s largest company with revenues raking in $548 billion in 2020. When Walmart adds $1 billion of bitcoin to its balance sheet , will have the same average attention of joe. it will create maximum bitcoin exposure for blue collar Americans and trigger a long overdue global monetary paradigm shift.

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as walmart’s tentacles reach out to 24 countries, a tidal wave of bitcoin will sweep through your world of e-commerce and physical retail operations. Walmart sources products from more than 100 countries, bringing globalization to Central America. Instead of having to deal with complex currency conversions with global vendors, Walmart will accept Bitcoin, taking the headache out of dealing with dozens of fiat currencies. this will simplify accounting and streamline operations. Without middleman bankers hacking transactions, the only thing that will separate Walmart from its global partners will be the oceans (if the miners don’t boil them first).

once walmart dips its toe in the proverbial number rises the pond, the obvious next step is to implement bitcoin acceptance at its 11,000+ locations. we are talking about a full node in each payment. Let’s say a simple 10 percent discount (on top of the low prices already offered by Walmart every day) is offered to customers who choose to pay in bitcoin. For our average Joe who lives paycheck to paycheck, the 10 percent discount is a game changer. Legions of coupon-using soccer moms will figure out how to pay in bitcoin and soon discover that having anything that isn’t bitcoin is a losing game. At this point, Walmart is buying bitcoin on a corporate level and averaging the dollar cost across customer purchases.

when walmart employees see bitcoin being offered as a discounted form of payment, they will no doubt start demanding to “pay me in bitcoin”. this means that each pay period, as paychecks clear, there will be a new shit floor. let’s do some backwards math. Let’s assume that the 2.2 million employees of Walmart are on minimum wage and work about 30 hours a week. Right now, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

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$7.25 per hour x 30 hours per week x 2.2 million employees = $478.5 million paid per week.

Now, let’s say employees have the option to put 10 percent of that salary into bitcoin. that would be $47.85 million per week paid out in bitcoin. that’s $2.48 billion a year being paid out in bitcoin. that’s about 45,090 btc (with btc at $55,000) a year. that is calculating the most conservative number of minimum wage employees in one US dollar. business. Millions of Americans who have seen their savings melt like an ice cube will see how bitcoin gives them the ability to turn dirty fiat vapor into clean, hard, indestructible money. walmart will put bitcoin in the wallets of all americans. once Americans see their bitcoin number go up and their fiat number go down, they will think to themselves “in hindsight, it was inevitable”.

The hyperbitcoinization that will occur within the walmart corporation cannot be contained and will spill over into the walton family society. As a resident of Arkansas, I can tell you that no other family has more influence over the state of Arkansas than the Waltons, who are the majority shareholders of Walmart (well, maybe the Clintons, but I don’t want to get assassinated). The Waltons are notorious supporters of the University of Arkansas. The family donated $195 million to the school in 2020 alone. It’s only a matter of time before a more than generous and ongoing stream of bitcoin donations starts flowing into the university’s endowment. The ripple effect of a university having such a large stake in the bitcoin game will be a vortex for similar universities adding btc to their balance sheets. adopting bitcoin is the only chance universities will have to keep their heads above water. they will have the choice to sink or swim, to adapt or drown in the polluted sea of ​​fiduciary education.

By putting Walmart’s cash reserves in bitcoin, pricing goods and services in bitcoin, and paying its employees in bitcoin, the Austrian economic vision of the best way to make money will be developed. walmart will single handedly deliver a bitcoin circular economy. the corporation will create a wake for the average citizen to drift towards the bitcoin standard, strangling the world one step closer to hyperbitcoinization. It’s not a question of if, but when and how much longer the $380 billion Walmart Corporation wants to have fun staying poor.

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