What is a Numismatist? | What is a Rare Coin Collector Called?

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We deal with forms of currency every day when we buy and sell currencies. Suppose you are fascinated with the history of coins and money, including the period of their production, and are eager to delve into the details. in this case, you can consider yourself a numismatist in the making. Learn more about what a numismatist does, how numismatists differ from coin collectors, and what you can do if he’s interested in becoming one.

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what is numismatics?

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Numismatics refers to the study of the physical presence of various payment forms, such as currencies. For example, when applied to coins, numismatics considers the research that goes into coin production, usage, and rarity.

Numismatics comprises several specialty subcategories such as the following:

  • exonumia, the study of coin-like items, such as medals, used in place of currency.
  • notaphilia, the study of paper money, such as banknotes.
  • scriptophilia, the study of securities, such as stocks and bonds.

Are numismatists and coin collectors the same thing?

You may be confused about the difference between numismatists and people who are coin collectors. While both deal with currency, not all coin collectors are numismatists.

coin collectors

Coin collectors aim to amass a collection of coins, usually to create coin sets or own certain types of coins. coin collectors tend to be motivated by ownership of the coins themselves without delving too deeply into the details of country of origin or date. Hobbyist coin collectors are those who enjoy collecting coins as a leisure activity.


Numismatists may be motivated to collect and assemble coin sets just like coin collectors. however, numismatists take a more historical approach to the coins they collect. they are interested in learning about the production period of the coins, the history behind the coins, and the mints where the coins originated. In this sense, numismatists are like coin historians who seek to study and preserve the knowledge behind the history of coins and currency.

what is the history of numismatics?

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According to Investopedia, the field of numismatics began during the European Renaissance. The first English usage of the word numismatics occurred in 1829. The word derives from the adjective form numismatic, which means “of coins.” This term traces its origins to the French word “numismatiques,” which derives from the Latin word “numismatis.”

what numismatic societies exist today?

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Today there are numismatic societies all over the world. Examples include the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association, the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand, and the International Numismatic Commission.

The United States is home to three long-standing numismatic organizations: the American Numismatic Association, the American Numismatic Society, and the Guild of Professional Numismatists.

american numismatic association

The American Numismatic Association traces its origins to Dr. George F. monroe moor, michigan. heath wanted to share his interest in studying his coin collection with other coin enthusiasts. In 1888, he published a four-page pamphlet, “The Numismatist,” which listed his coin needs and described topics related to the study of coins.

in 1891, heath, william g. Jerrems, David Halowe, J.A. Heckelman and John Brydon met in Chicago, Illinois, and founded the American Numismatic Association. Since 1891, the American Numismatic Association has expanded to become one of the largest nonprofit numismatic organizations of its kind in the world. the association holds two conventions each year with exhibits, educational programs, and meetings of specialized affiliated organizations.

The association maintains its headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

american numismatic society

Founded in 1858, the American Numismatic Society exists to promote the study and public appreciation of coins, badges, medals, and related objects. The society’s permanent collection contains more than 800,000 items dating from 650 B.C. to the present. its numismatic library houses approximately 100,000 artifacts, books and documents.

The American Numismatic Society grew in influence and recognition, thanks to the contributions of people like Archer M. huntington, who kindly underwrote the donation of the land and the building that served as the society’s headquarters in the early 20th century. Edward T. Newell, a Greek coin scholar, also led the society’s work and bequeathed his substantial personal coin collection to the organization.

During the second half of the 20th century, the society progressed to become the leading numismatic research institution in the United States. In addition to serving as the physical repository for its vast numismatic collection, the American Numismatic Society is committed to offering academic programs and resources. provides these programs to promote research in numismatics and encourages the use of its collections.

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The company maintains its headquarters in lower Manhattan in New York City.

guild of professional numismatists

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Founded in 1955, the Professional Numismatists Guild is a nonprofit organization maintaining a diverse membership composed of the country’s top rare coin and paper money experts. These individuals consent to personal background checks and a stringent code of ethics in the purchasing and selling of numismatic items. They must also guarantee the authenticity of the numismatic items they sell.

The Guild of Professional Numismatists is also committed to upholding the highest standards of numismatic education and knowledge. To that end, the guild offers an internship program and a summer seminar scholarship program for young numismatists.

The Internship Program connects interns with three-month placements at leading png member-owned organizations. Throughout their internship, interns gain practical experience and knowledge of the elements necessary to pursue a career in numismatics.

The Young Numismatist Summer Seminar Scholarship Program awards a scholarship to an aspiring young numismatist to attend the American Numismatic Association Summer Seminar held in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The seminar consists of six-day sessions that offer instruction on specific topics related to numismatics and business and technical aspects of numismatics.

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