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Your auto insurance policy number is the unique number your insurance company uses to identify your account. it’s written on your insurance card, as well as on the bills and statements you receive from your insurer. The most common scenarios where you’ll need your policy number are after a car accident, if you’re pulled over, and anytime you want to contact your insurance provider.

Where can I find my car insurance policy number?

An auto insurance policy number is usually an eight to 10-digit number on your auto insurance card. If you own multiple cars, you may have all of your cars listed on one card, or you may have a different number or card for each vehicle. in the latter case, it is common for only the last number to change between vehicles. For example, one car on your policy might be 99999999-1, while another might be 99999999-2.

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another number you should know on your insurance card is your car’s vehicle identification number, or vin, which uniquely identifies your vehicle. Vins are 16 digits long, contain letters and numbers, and are located near your car’s make and model description on the card. this is separate from your insurance policy number.

If you get insurance coverage through a roadside assistance provider like AAA, your insurance policy number will be different from your AAA membership number. you will have a completely separate card and account ID.

When do I need my car insurance policy number?

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There are three main times you’ll need your own car insurance policy number: after a car accident, if you’re pulled over by the police, and when you contact your insurer.

what do I do if I lose my car insurance policy number?

If you lose your proof of insurance card, most insurance companies will send you a paper copy and allow you to print new cards from your online account. We recommend keeping at least two copies: a digital copy on your phone and a paper copy in your glove compartment. In 48 states, everywhere except Connecticut, New Mexico, and Washington, D.C., you can use electronic proof of insurance on your smartphone. however, it is also good to have a paper copy as a backup. Plus, having a paper copy means you won’t have to trust a police officer with your smartphone when you’re pulled over.

When do I need someone else’s policy number?

The most common time you’ll need someone else’s insurance policy number is if they’re involved in an accident. If you are in an accident, you should ask the other driver for their insurance information, regardless of who appears to be at fault or how serious the accident was. offering yours is also a show of good faith and may encourage them to provide theirs.

Insurance cards can be small and hard to read, so the best course of action is often to take a photo of the other driver’s insurance card with your smartphone. that way, you don’t have to rely on reading your own handwriting scribbled on the side of the road, and there’s no chance you’ll forget crucial information. take a photo of the front and back of the card and write down your full name and phone number as well.

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After the accident, you will use the other driver’s insurance number when you call your own insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company to begin the process of filing a claim.

what if I don’t have all the other driver’s information?

Sometimes, especially in a high-stress environment after an accident, you may not have obtained complete information about the other driver’s insurance policy. maybe you mistyped the number or forgot to make a note of which insurance company they use. if that’s the case, start by contacting the other driver, if you can. hopefully they will be able to provide you with all the information you need.

If you cannot contact the other driver and the police have arrived at the scene of the accident, you can go to the police station and ask for a copy of the police report. You are entitled to a copy of any police report that has your name on it, and the document will have the other driver’s insurance information.

If none of these work and you have the driver’s name and policy number but not the company name, you can call to see if you can find them. top 10 auto insurance companies in the us uu. They account for 72% of the market, so it’s very likely that you can find them just by working through the list.

Your own insurance agent can also identify the number based on their professional experience, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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