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what is a lapse of insurance in new york state?

an insurance lapse means there is no liability insurance coverage for a vehicle registered in new york state for a period of time. If there is an expiration of insurance on a vehicle registered in your name, the DMV can suspend your registration and driver’s license.

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What can cause an expiration of the insurance?

Any amount of time your vehicle is registered but uninsured can cause a lapse in your insurance coverage. an insurance lapse may occur between the date your insurance is canceled and the date

  • Your new insurance begins
  • hand over your vehicle plates
  • your registration expires
  • ‘other proof’ of insurance (for example, a vehicle registered in another state, or a repossessed or repossessed vehicle) is valid
  • your insurance company reinstates your insurance coverage
  • A lapse in insurance coverage may also occur between the date you register your vehicle and the date your new insurance coverage begins. 1 See DMV Response to Insurance Letters and Orders for instructions on how to resolve an insurance lapse.

    If the registration suspension period is greater than 90 days, you must deliver the registration and plates of your vehicle. the dmv will also suspend your driver’s license. your driver’s license will be suspended for the same number of days as your registration was suspended. To reinstate your driver’s license, you must pay DMV a $50 license suspension cancellation fee.

    Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

    What will happen if I drive without insurance (expired insurance)?

    do not drive any vehicle that is not insured.

    • you could be arrested or fined
    • your vehicle may be impounded by a law enforcement officer
    • the dmv will revoke your registration and driver’s license
    • Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

      What will happen if I or my uninsured vehicle is in a traffic accident?

      Your license and registration will be suspended and you will have to pay fines and penalties.

      If your vehicle is uninsured and you or someone else driving your vehicle without insurance is involved in a traffic accident, the DMV will revoke your driver’s license and vehicle registration for at least one year.

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      The traffic court fine could be up to $1,500 for driving without insurance or allowing someone else to drive your vehicle without insurance. You will also have to pay DMV a civil penalty of $750 to restore your driver’s license if it is revoked.

      Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

      What happens if my insurance is canceled or reinstated, or I get new insurance?

      Your insurance company must notify DMV electronically if

      • your insurance coverage has been cancelled
      • your insurance coverage is reinstated
      • gets new insurance coverage
      • in your response to the dmv letter you should

        • Prove that you have insurance coverage
        • proof that you sold the vehicle
        • prove that insurance coverage was not required
        • if you have insurance coverage, also ask your insurance company (don’t ask your agent or broker) to file an electronic notice of insurance coverage with dmv.

          If you don’t have auto liability insurance, you must turn in your vehicle’s license plates to dmv immediately.

          Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

          How do I avoid the expiration of the insurance?

          remember this simple rule: no insurance, no plates!

          • keep your vehicle registration address and driver’s license current with the dmv
          • have liability coverage from a business licensed by the new york department of financial services and authorized by the new york department of motor vehicles (out-of-state coverage is never acceptable on any new york registered vehicle)
          • ask your insurance company to report any changes to the dmv right away (for more information, see changes to my insurance policy)
          • maintain insurance coverage on your vehicle while it is registered in new york
          • immediately respond to letters and insurance requests from the dmv
          • turn in your vehicle registration and license plates to the dmv before your new york state coverage ends for any reason
          • If you do not have valid liability insurance coverage for your vehicle, you must immediately surrender your vehicle registration and plates.

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            Motorcycle plates do not have to be turned in to the dmv when liability insurance expires. however, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle without adequate liability insurance.

            Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

            If my registration is suspended due to insurance expiration, can someone else register the vehicle?

            not. the dmv will not issue a new record if the dmv determines that the purpose of the new record is to avoid suspension.

            the dmv will not issue a registration if the applicant for the new registration

            • has the same last name as the registrant whose registration is suspended, or
            • resides at the same address as the registrant whose registration is suspended
            • dmv will not issue a record to any person unless that person makes an sworn statement on form fs-2. the statement certifies that the purpose of the application is not to avoid the results of the current suspension. the local dmv office determines whether the application will be accepted or denied.

              form fs-2 is only available at a local dmv office.

              Reading: What happens when your car insurance lapse

              If my license is suspended due to expiration of insurance, what can I do?

              If your registration has not expired, you must turn in your plates. A driver’s license is suspended when the lapse is 91 days or more or if the length of the lapse has not yet been determined. to determine the expiration period

              • plates must be delivered, or
              • plates must be reported as lost/stolen/confiscated, or
              • registration must expire, or
              • plates must be transferred to another vehicle by dmv, or
              • the dmv must receive proof of new or reinstated insurance, or
              • dmv must receive other acceptable proof
              • Once expiration is determined, registration, and if the expiration is 91 days or more, your driver’s license will also be suspended for the same number of days. suspensions may not be effective on the same date. therefore, you may serve the driver’s license suspension first or you may serve the registration suspension first. Your driver’s license suspension will not end until you have paid the suspension termination fee and served the suspension.

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