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what insurance does hss accept?

hss accepts most major insurance plans for hospital services. insurance taken by individual doctors varies. check out the insurance plans listed below.

click on an insurance company name to see more information. Since health insurance providers may offer different coverage plans, it is important that you confirm that HSS participates in the specific plan under which you are covered.

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Please note: The information below applies to hospital services only and is subject to change. (The HSS Insurance Advice Service can provide you with the most up-to-date information by calling 212.774.2607.) the insurance coverage accepted by each hss doctor varies. some may not accept a plan listed below. If you plan to see or receive care from one of our doctors, please review their medical profile page or contact their office to confirm if they accept your insurance. If you need help finding an appropriate doctor who accepts your insurance, please contact our hssconnect at 877.606.1555.

health insurers that provide access to the hospital for special surgery

(click on the name of the insurance company for more details)

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If you have specific questions about the plans the hospital participates in, please call HSS Insurance Advice at 212.774.2607 or email your question through our online form. hss insurance advisory service can serve as a liaison service between you, your insurance company and the hospital to provide information about your insurance coverage. you may be responsible for paying deductibles and coinsurance amounts, and may be subject to other limitations, such as precertification requirements.

If the hospital does not participate with your particular insurance plan, you may still be covered subject to the availability of “out-of-network” benefits. the hss insurance advisory service can advise you.

Your surgeon, anesthesiologist, physicians, and other specialists make their own decisions regarding participation in insurance plans. there are many physicians affiliated with the hospital who participate in the same insurance plans that the hospital itself participates with. For more information on specific medical practices, please contact the individual physician offices or hss connect at 877.606.1555.

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