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an ho6 insurance policy is homeowners insurance for those who own a condominium or cooperative unit. As the owner of a condominium or cooperative unit, you own and are likely to be responsible for damage to your unit. outside of your unit, you have rights and/or an interest in the common areas of the property, but the condominium or cooperative association may have primary responsibility for insuring that part of the property. ho6 condo insurance protects your unit and everything in it, providing liability coverage, loss of use coverage, and more.

what does a ho6 policy cover?

If you own a condominium or cooperative unit, common areas such as hallways, grounds, and other shared areas are typically covered by a group homeowners association insurance policy. but your unit is not always covered by this policy. That’s why you need condo insurance (also known as HO6). If you renew, you’ll want to make sure your unit’s increased value is covered. If you have valuables, such as a big-screen TV, golf clubs, or jewelry, you’ll want to make sure you’re protected from theft or vandalism. If someone is injured while visiting, you’ll want to be protected from liability. Or, if a catastrophe strikes and you need to temporarily move out of your unit due to damage from a fire, windstorm, or other covered emergency, you’ll want to be protected from additional living expenses. ho6 insurance provides:

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  • Building/Unit/Dwelling Coverage – Like homeowners insurance, provides coverage against damage from fire or smoke, storms, vandalism, or internal plumbing problems such as a broken pipe.
  • Personal Property Coverage/Theft Protection: Helps cover personal items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, or jewelry in your condo.
  • Personal Liability/Medical Payments – Helps cover legal costs if you are sued for accidentally harming others or damaging their property, or to pay medical costs for guests who are accidentally injured at your property.
  • loss assessment coverage – Helps cover you when you are responsible for additional costs shared by the condo association that are not covered by your insurance policy.
  • Additional Living Expenses – Helps cover lodging costs and other living expenses if your unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered cause of loss.
  • what does a ho6 policy not cover?

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    There may be situations where ho6 insurance does not apply because condo association coverage will apply. There may also be situations where coverage is not provided under a ho6 policy, such as:

    • regional risks: You will need separate coverage against earthquakes, nuclear risks or sinkholes.
    • Intentional Injury to Others – Your liability coverage helps protect you if harm to another person is accidental, not if the harm was caused intentionally.
    • Groundwater or Municipal Water Damage – While damage to your internal plumbing may be covered, you may not be covered if a sewer line becomes clogged and floods your unit.
    • Routine Wear and Tear: As a condo owner, you are responsible for the upkeep of your unit, so you will not be covered for normal and preventable damage to the unit or any appliances in the unit. Unit.
    • There may be unique situations that require additional coverage, such as if you don’t occupy your unit. talk to your independent agent or travel representative for guidance.

      learn more about condo insurance

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      If you own a condo unit or are thinking of purchasing a condo unit, make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. When you speak with an insurance agent, you’ll want to discuss any modifications you’ve made to the condo, as well as what you’ve brought (or plan to bring) into your condo. Your agent can also advise you of additional types of coverage requirements based on your region and your condominium association.

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