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Home contents insurance, or personal property insurance, covers the cost of replacing belongings in your home when they are damaged or stolen. in the usa In the US, home contents coverage is typically included as part of a homeowners or renters insurance policy.

who and what does home contents insurance cover?

This generally does not include property that is already insured under your own policy, such as a car. Most homeowners insurance policies also cover the personal property of your guests and employees who live on the premises, but not the property of long-term renters who are not related to you.

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Below, we’ve put together a list of items that are covered by “standard” sample policies in the US. uu. Because these are not legally standardized, your own categories and covered limits may differ in ways that you’ll need to confirm when reviewing your policy. content coverage may also change depending on who owns the property and where it is located; more on this below.

If you’re a homeowner, other parts of your home insurance policy likely cover many items that your contents insurance doesn’t. this includes coverage for carpets, boilers, and appliances such as washing machines. If you rent, your landlord’s homeowner’s coverage should apply to these items. As always, be sure to confirm the details of your own policy.

Does content insurance depend on where you store your stuff?

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however, your coverage limit is usually much lower for belongings not in your home. For example, the Insurance Information Institute’s industry standard sample policy states that property “generally located” in a different residence is limited to 10% coverage for the belongings in your insured home.

Fortunately, the same sample policy provides a consistent amount of coverage as long as your belongings are on the premises of the insured home.

what are the coverage limits for home contents insurance?

Homeowners insurance tends to cover personal property for a value ranging from 50% to 70% of the insurance value on the structure.

With renters insurance, you can choose a coverage limit when you start your policy. This allows you to pay enough coverage to cover the full value of your possessions. however, your maximum coverage may be affected by two factors:

actual cash value versus replacement cost value

Home contents insurance typically covers you for the actual cash value (ACV) of your belongings.

sublimits on valuable items

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Most contents insurance policies also come with sub-limits, sometimes called special limits, for especially valuable types of property, like jewelry or works of art. when you make claims for such items, the policy will only compensate you up to the sublimit for the related category. additionally, some sublimits also include a lower limit per item. Below, we compare the sublimits found in three sample homeowners policies.

You may have noticed that some of the above sub-limits apply specifically to stolen property. this means that the sublimit does not apply to property lost in some other event covered by your policy.

how much contents insurance coverage do you need?

Taking an inventory of all your belongings is the logical first step in getting the right policy. Most people underestimate the total value of their personal property, but this makes sense given that you are counting years of purchases. There are two main ways to create an inventory:

how can i get home contents insurance?

If you own a home in the US. In the US, you probably already have home contents insurance.

If you’re a renter, you’ll most likely need a renters insurance policy if you want to insure your belongings. Unless related to your landlord, the contents coverage of the homeowners policy will not extend to your property in your home. Since the average rate for renters insurance in the us. uu. costs only $187 a year, buying a policy is usually a good idea.

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