What is the Difference Between Participating and Non-Participating Life Insurance Policy?

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Life insurance is one of the financial instruments to ensure your family’s future in the event of your unexpected death. Insurers offer different types of insurance plans to enhance financial benefits based on individual needs. life insurance policies differ based on certain characteristics and factors.

One of those factors is sharing the profits made by insurance providers with the insured. and which introduces the concept of participating and non-participating life insurance policies. here is a detail about their differences to help you make the right choice.

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what is a participating life insurance plan?

What is the Difference Between Participating and Non-Participating Life Insurance Policy?

A participating insurance policy is a life insurance plan that allows you to participate in the profits of the insurance company. provides additional economic benefits to the determined sum insured in the participating plans.

Life insurance companies make profits just like any other company in various industries. The insurer provides these earnings to the life insured based on the choice of life insurance plans.

Profits earned by the insurance provider are offered to the life insured in the form of dividends or bonuses2. It is generally provided to policyholders on an annual basis. however, payments from participating insurance plans are based on performance and earnings earned in that particular financial year.

so, if you have purchased a participating policy, you can use the benefits in the following ways:

  • generate additional returns from the life insurance policy as they are earned by the insurance provider.

  • you can use bonuses2 to pay the annual premium.

  • You can also deposit the bonuses2 to earn interest on a regular basis.

    It is important to note that these bonuses2 or dividends are in addition to the maturity and death benefits provided in the life insurance policy. Thus, for example, if your insurer offers you a participating ulip plan, the bonuses2 are additional to the sum insured, and the ulip returns.

    what is a non-participating life insurance policy?

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    A non-participating life insurance policy is a plan that does not provide bonuses2 or dividend payments based on the insurer’s earnings. therefore, the policyholder in such plans will not participate in or have any interest in the profits made by the insurance provider.

    Now that we’ve understood what participating and non-participating insurance plans mean, let’s break down the differences.


    participating insurance plan

    non-participating insurance plan

    part of the profits

    Insurers share profits with the policyholder.

    Insureds do not receive any part of the profits made by the insurance provider.

    guaranteed1 and unguaranteed1 financial benefits

    Insurers provide guaranteed death and expiration benefits1 depending on the type of life insurance policy. In addition, it provides bonuses2 and non-guaranteed dividends1 based on the performance of the insurance company.

    Insurers provide the guaranteed1 sum insured and maturity benefits, if any, based on the type of life insurance plan chosen by the policyholder.

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    payment method

    Insurers provide dividends or bonuses2 to appropriate policyholders annually.

    bonus2 payments do not apply to policyholders.


    Participating life insurance plans are more expensive compared to non-participating life insurance plans.

    The non-participating life insurance plan is available at an affordable premium.

    who should buy participating and non-participating life insurance plans?

    The choice of which type of life insurance policy to purchase depends solely on your personal financial needs and affordability.

    If you are the only earning member of your family and securing your family’s financial future is your only goal, a non-participating life insurance plan will be sufficient for your financial needs.

    A participating life insurance plan is ideal if your financial goal is to protect your family while earning additional income. however, it is available at a slightly higher cost than nonparticipating life insurance plans. Although expensive, the benefits of a participating life insurance plan are greatest when your insurance provider is performing well in the industry.

    If you’re looking for a secure option, non-participating plans are a better option. However, a participating life insurance plan, such as the Ulip plan, can provide flexible features, such as choosing which fund to invest in and the option to switch between them during an economic downturn that will adversely affect market conditions.

    When you purchase our tata aia life insurance plans, you can get the right expert guidance in choosing the right life insurance options and additional benefits based on your individual family’s financial commitments and needs. In addition, our executive life insurance company customer service team can assist you with any queries whether you are planning to purchase a life insurance plan online or offline.


    A participating life insurance plan provides additional financial benefits in the form of bonuses2 or dividends from profits earned by your life insurance provider. Payments are based on the life insurance company’s performance and are paid to policyholders annually. it is in addition to death and expiration benefits depending on the type of life insurance policy. on the other hand, a non-participating life insurance plan does not provide a bonus2 or dividend payment to the policyholder. however, it is less expensive than the participating life insurance plan. therefore, the choice of life insurance policy type should be based on individual needs and affordability.

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