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Your auto insurance premium is primarily determined by the level of coverage chosen and your driving record. The average cost of car insurance in California is $1,429 per year, but people who only get the minimum coverage pay significantly less, $665 per year. If you add a young driver to your policy or receive a citation, your premium cost increases substantially to approximately $4,187 or $2,057 per year, respectively.

The insurer you choose also affects the cost of your annual premium. for example, a full coverage insurance policy costs about $1,055 per year, but a similar coverage alliance policy costs $1,762 per year.

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There are many factors that affect auto insurance rates in California. Age is the biggest factor affecting premium prices, followed by the amount of coverage you buy. you can click on driver profiles for more details on the average cost of auto insurance for each.

average car insurance costs in california

why are auto insurance rates reasonable in california?

The amount of coverage you buy significantly affects auto insurance rates in California. liability coverage may only lower rates, while full coverage may increase rates.

For example, if you buy a policy that meets California’s minimum insurance requirement, your premium is only $665 per year on average. A full coverage auto insurance policy, which includes collision and comprehensive coverage, increases the premium by approximately $764. you’ll pay an average of $1,429 each year for comprehensive coverage.

average cost of car insurance in california by level of coverage

The cheapest auto insurance you can buy is a state minimum policy in California.

however, you can upgrade your liability insurance to 50/100/50 or 100/300/100 for an additional cost. These numbers are simply a shorthand way of indicating levels of liability coverage above the minimum required in the state. for example, 50/100/50 means:

  • $50,000 bodily injury liability insurance per person
  • $100,000 bodily injury liability insurance per accident
  • $50,000 in accidental property damage liability insurance
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    A full coverage policy will have comprehensive and collision insurance. will also reimburse you for damage to your car.

    Rates not only vary from state to state, they are also different from carrier to carrier.

    You can buy affordable liability coverage from progressive, which costs an average of $481 per year. For affordable auto insurance with full coverage, you can purchase an esurance policy for an average annual premium of $1,055.

    If you don’t compare rates, you may end up buying insurance from a company with higher rates. For example, the farmers only liability policy costs $850 a year on average, the highest average rate we’ve seen in California. meanwhile, aliado has the worst rates in the state for full coverage, averaging $1,762 per year.

    average annual auto insurance costs in california – by company

    California auto insurance rates for young drivers are often very high because companies consider them riskier to insure. it’s the same situation for first-time drivers.

    A 16-year-old would be better off being added to his parents’ car insurance policy than buying one on his own. The average cost of auto insurance in California for a 16-year-old driver is $4,187 per year.

    By comparison, a 40-year-old driver pays about $2,758 less for a similar policy. his premium alone amounts to $1,429 per year on average.

    average full coverage auto insurance costs in california, by age

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    having a clean driving record is one way to keep auto insurance rates low in california. high-risk drivers typically pay more each year for coverage. your premium also increases based on the severity of your violation.

    The average cost of auto insurance in California for a prudent driver is $1,429 per year. If you have a speeding ticket on your record, your premium increases to $2,057 each year on average. that’s a difference of $628.

    If you have a poor driving record, comparing quotes from multiple companies will help you find more affordable rates.

    Average Full Coverage Auto Insurance Costs in California, by Driving History

    The average cost of auto insurance in most states changes based on a driver’s credit score. In some states, it is prohibited to use creditworthiness as a basis for setting auto insurance premiums. California is one of those states, along with Hawaii and Massachusetts. therefore, your credit score has no impact on your insurance rates in this state.

    The cost of auto insurance differs from state to state. it also varies between cities within the same state. Factors unique to each area, such as its population and the likelihood of collisions or natural disasters, contribute to how companies set premiums.

    in santa maria, premiums cost an average of $1,109 per year, 22.4% less than the average cost of auto insurance in california. If you live in Glendale, you’ll pay an average of $2,283 a year for a similar policy. That’s 59.8% higher than the state average and more than twice the rate in Santa Maria.

    Average Full Coverage Auto Insurance Costs in California, by City

    drivers who need to buy auto insurance in california have questions. These are frequently asked questions – the answers can help you understand how much auto insurance costs in California.

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