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Video What is tri term medical insurance

(upbeat acoustic guitar tune plays. unitedhealthcare logo appears next to the words “unitedhealthcare”, “golden rule insurance co.” and “triterm medical plans”.)

The bright voice of a young woman chimes in: From time to time, you may travel down the unknown path of buying new health insurance.

Reading: What is tri term medical insurance

A graphic of a car is shown on a road, and as the camera zooms out, the end of the road becomes a stethoscope.

Voiceover: You’ve likely considered several long-term health insurance options.

The car accelerates forward and passes a sign on the side of the road that says “short term” with an arrow pointing in the direction the car is traveling (to the right).

vo: You may also have heard of limited duration short-term insurance, but the idea of ​​a plan that covers a short period of time and limited benefits is not something I rest assured.

The camera zooms in on the car as it travels down the road, and speech bubble graphics appear over the car, one of which contains a question mark.

vo: good news. Now there’s another option with unitedhealthcare brand triterm health insurance plans, underwritten by golden rule insurance company.

a road sign appears with the text “short term” with an arrow to the left and “triterm” with an arrow to the right.

vo: Three-period medical plans offer coverage for three periods, for almost thirty-six months of full coverage in most states, and you only need to apply.

An animated graphic of three calendars appears, and the camera zooms in on the middle one, revealing a grid of 12 months of the year.

vo: There’s no need to worry about open enrollment restrictions, because quarterly medical plans are available year-round. if you qualify, your effective date can start as soon as five days after you apply.

an animated graphic appears with a series of boxes indicating “5 days”, with a check mark to begin the 5 days and a plus medical icon to end the 5 days.

vo: and an important point to remember. unitedhealthcare brand triterm health plans are a type of short-term health insurance.

the words “important!” and “unitedhealthcare brand three term health plans are a type of short-term health insurance” appear on the screen.

vo: the difference?

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the words “the difference?” appear on the screen.

vo: Our plan designs offer longer durations and better overall coverage than our traditional short-term medical plans.

The screen is divided into two halves graphically. the right half contains the word “triterm” and then three clock icons over the word “duration” and three umbrella icons over the word “coverage”. the left half contains the word “short term” and then a clock icon over the word “duration” and an umbrella icon over the word “hedge”.

vo: Most quarterly medical plans cover preventive care, prescription drugs, and doctor’s office visits.

The words “preventive care”, “prescription drugs”, and “doctor’s office visits” appear on the screen as they are mentioned with corresponding animated graphics of an apple, pills in a bottle, and an arm with a blood pressure cuff. measure blood pressure. in the lower right corner is a disclaimer that reads: “*exclusions, limitations, and waiting periods may apply.”

vo: Some affordable quarterly medical plans may offer fewer benefits, so check the brochure for all your options.

The blood pressure chart for “doctor’s office visits” remains on the screen and the words “see brochure for all your options” appear.

vo: and after your first twelve months in the plan, eligible services related to some pre-existing conditions may be covered.

The blood pressure graph changes and connects to an animated graphic of a computer with a heart, and the words “pre-existing conditions” appear.

vo: triterm medical plans also include benefits for costs related to hospitalization, surgery and medical emergencies.

The words “benefits for costs related to” appear above the icons for the words “hospitalization”, “surgery” and “emergencies” as mentioned.

vo: and you can also choose lower-cost three-year options like triterm medical value, no coverage for prescriptions and preventive care,

The words “three-period medical value plans” appear over three red “x” icons that appear over the words “preventive care” and “prescription drugs.” A blue checkmark icon appears over the words “doctor office visits.”

vo: or surgical hospital medical triterm if you only seek help when you are hospitalized.

The words “Three Period Medical Hospital Surgical Plans” appear over three red “x” icons that appear over the words “Preventive Care,” “Prescription Drugs,” and “Doctor Office Visits.” a blue check mark icon appears over the word “hospitalization”.

vo: With all of these plans, you will have access to the unitedhealthcare nationwide network of providers,

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an animated graphic of a health web appears with several connected health-related icons.

vo: which includes 1.5 million doctors and health professionals

A physician icon is pulled from the icon grid next to the words “1.5 million physicians and health care professionals*” (below is a disclaimer that reads: “*annual form 10-k from unitedhealthcare group for the year ended 12/31/21.”

vo: and more than 7,000 hospitals and other facilities.

a hospital icon is pulled from the icon grid next to the words “7,000 hospitals*” (a disclaimer appears below that reads: “*unitedhealthcare group annual 10-k form for the year ending 12/31/21”.

vo: another thing to remember.

the words “another thing to remember” appear on the screen.

vo: Although anyone within the eligible age limits can apply for a three-period medical plan,

an animated graphic of a series of raised hands rises from the bottom of the screen.

vo: are medically supported, so factors such as height, weight, and medical history are taken into account when determining eligibility.

Icons for the words “height,” “weight,” and “medical history” appear as they are mentioned. icons include a person being measured, a scale, and a clipboard.

vo: Designed to help keep you and your family on the road to good health, unitedhealthcare brand triterm medical plans offer nearly three years of coverage and continuous benefits.

The animated car appears again, with a stethoscope on the far left of the road and a location marker icon on the far right of the road.

vo: questions? call your local health insurance broker or visit u-h-one.com.

(A final title screen appears with the words “unitedhealthcare” and “golden rule insurance co.” next to the unitedhealthcare logo in the upper left corner. The words “questions?” and “call your broker or visit uhone.com” appear in the center of the screen, to the left of two colorful chat icons. The following words are in small print at the bottom of the screen: “underwritten by golden rule insurance company, a unitedhealthcare company this policy has exclusions, limitations and reduction of benefits, terms under which the policy may continue or be discontinued, for full coverage details and costs, call or write your insurance agent or the company, the term of tri-term medical coverage is one day less than 3 years. in sc, the plans are for three terms of 11 months. in and ok, the plans are for three terms of 364 days, this coverage is not necessary to comply with ci certain requirements of the federal market for health insurance, mainly those contained in the affordable care act. Be sure to review your policy carefully to ensure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage for pre-existing conditions or health benefits (such as hospitalization, emergency services, maternity care, preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health and abuse disorders). of substances). services). Your policy may also have annual and/or lifetime dollar limits on health benefits. If this coverage expires or you lose eligibility for this coverage, you may have to wait until an open enrollment period to get other health insurance coverage. product design and availability vary by state.

Benefits will not be paid for the first 12 months for a pre-existing condition. preventive care has a 6-month waiting period. This plan is medically backed. premium rates are estimates and are subject to change based on underwriting results and health status. tri-term medical premiums are expected to change for the second and third terms of the policy/certificate. 48508-g-0522”

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