Top 15 blockchain programming languages for app development

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Unless you’re living under the rocks, you’re probably familiar with what blockchain is and what its potential is when it comes to reshaping the tech world. Over the years, this technology has helped mitigate the traditional challenges faced by a large number of industries, helping them seize better opportunities.

Blockchain has also shown the potential to revamp the entire economy, be it health care, travel, education, or legal dominance.

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Between 2017 and 2020, the demand for blockchain increased by nearly 2,000% and became one of the most valuable technologies in the industry. By 2024, the net worth of the blockchain market is expected to be around $20 billion.

As technology is dominating its presence in unknown fields, many organizations are looking to hire blockchain developers.

With the increasing demand for blockchain application developers, it is also becoming more and more important to stay competitive in the field. To keep up, tech enthusiasts should be familiar with the best languages ​​for blockchain development.

hence, this article discusses the best blockchain development languages ​​one can learn in 2022 along with how to program a blockchain.

top 15 programming languages ​​for blockchain development

1. solidity


Influenced by javascript, powershell and c++, solidity is the first blockchain programming language one should learn. especially when you want to develop dapps or are looking to get into the ico development game.

The Solidity Blockchain programming language was developed by Vitalik Buterin, the brains behind Ethereum. serves blockchain development companies with a variety of benefits such as:-

  • ease for developers,
  • accessibility to javascript frameworks, debuggers and other tools,
  • statically typed programming,
  • inheritance of properties in smart contracts,
  • precise accuracy

2. java


Java, the official language of android mobile app development and a preferred choice for back-end development, is also considered one of the main blockchain programming languages ​​used for blockchain development.

The language is derived from the c syntax and is widely chosen for creating sophisticated smart contracts and dapps due to its following properties:-

  • robust support for object-oriented programming (oop) methodology,
  • memory cleanup facility
  • availability of extensive libraries

some of the best examples of blockchain solutions built with java are nem, iota, neo and hyperledger fabric.

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3. python


blockchain programming in python has not only dominated the world of app development, iot app development and web server development but is also proving to be an asset in the field of blockchain of blocks as a service.

The language, created in 1991, is widely used for the development of dapps and smart contracts due to the exceptional features it offers. Some of those features of blockchain coding in python include:

  • blockchain programming in python language is easy to learn
  • access to dynamic architecture
  • perfect for both basic and scripting approaches,
  • open-source support
  • blockchain coding in python is efficient for prototyping

steem, hyperledger fabric, and neo are some of the popular python-based blockchain projects prevalent in the industry.

4. javascript


Considered for a wide range of game and app development needs, javascript is also one of the best blockchain programming languages ​​to keep an eye on.

The language, in the form of frameworks like the node.js framework, offers countless benefits to developers, such as:

  • blockchain programming with javascript enables easier and earlier entry to market
  • blockchain programming with javascript improves scalability
  • availability of multiple blockchain javascript frameworks
  • seamless integration of respective resources, and more

5. php

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Launched in 1995, php (hypertext preprocessor) is another programming language used for blockchain development that is recommended by all reputable mobile app development companies to build blockchain solutions.

php is often used to develop blockchain solutions of different ranges of complexity. something that is a domino effect of its huge open source community and object oriented functions.

6. c++


c++, introduced in 1985 by bjarne stroustrup, is the best programming language for cryptocurrency development.

the language follows the oops methodology and is widely used to develop cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, stellar and eos. Some of the outstanding features and functionalities of c++ are:

  • efficient cpu management and memory control
  • ease of running parallel/non-parallel threads
  • option to move semantics to copy data effectively
  • compile-time polymorphism to improve performance
  • code isolation for different data structures and more

7. c#


Created by Microsoft as a replacement for the Java coding of the blockchain, the OOP language offers a wealth of features for enterprise applications, cloud, and cross-platform development. the language comes packed with features from the c, sql, and .net frameworks, and is highly favored for blockchain development because:

  • it is open source.
  • its syntax is easy to understand and learn, thanks to its similarity to c++ and the java coding of the blockchain.
  • it empowers blockchain application developers to write portable code on all devices.
  • its use is profitable thanks to the bizspark program.

The programming language is primarily considered to create dapps, smart contracts and infrastructure in a blockchain environment.

8. go


The programming language go also appears in the list of top blockchain coding languages ​​with resounding success.

The language is not only easy to understand, but also includes the best features of javascript and python, such as ease of use, scalability, flexibility, and speed. something that makes it the right choice to offer bespoke blockchain solutions.

Two of the best go-based blockchain solutions prevailing in the market are go-ethereum and hyperledger fabric.

9. simplicity

created by russell o’connor, simplicity is one of the high-level blockchain coding languages ​​that hit the market in november 2017.

Simplicity programming language is based on ivy and works with haskell-like syntax which makes coding easier and more effective. furthermore, it is highly mathematical in nature and makes the line of code human-readable. therefore, it is widely used to develop smart contracts and blockchain solutions that work with both bitcoin and ethereum virtual machines (evm).

10. ruby


ruby is the best language for blockchain development to start your career.

Developed by yukihiro “matz” in the mid-1990s, this high-level, general-purpose programming language enables blockchain developers to effectively and effortlessly prototype their vision through open source third party plugins and api. the language also gives developers the opportunity to combine its features with those of other languages ​​to create an improved platform.

Asian developers take it very seriously to create blockchain-based platforms and software.

11. rust


Although a newbie in the blockchain ecosystem, Rust is also widely regarded for creating innovative, immutable and secure solutions.

The language enables open source blockchain developers to create fast and effective frameworks. it also gives them a highly capable mechanism for managing mutable states, incredible code optimization, better memory options, and concurrency-based opportunities.

12. sql

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sql (Structured Query Language) is also one of the top blockchain technology programming languages ​​to consider in 2022.

ibm designed the language to make communication with databases such as mysql, sql server, postgresql, and oracle easier and more efficient. it is used to create secure and efficient business solutions in the blockchain domain. clear evidence of what aergo is.

13. erlang


erlang is another top blockchain coding language that you should consider for a better future.

The language, though less popular than reputable names like java, javascript, and python blockchain programming, serves blockchain development companies with options like:

  • unmatched back-end ease
  • increased scalability
  • immutability
  • inherent fault tolerance and more

something that makes it the right choice for building peer-to-peer networks in a blockchain environment.

14. rholang


rholang is another impressive addition to the list of blockchain programming languages. the language, unlike c++ or python, operates with a functional approach over object-oriented. it also evaluates the entire application as a series of functions that are then resolved sequentially.

Because of this, it is a favorite of developers when they want to build a high-level project like smart contracts.

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15. cx

cx has also entered the list of top blockchain programming languages.

The language has the potential to function as a contractual digital intermediary and comes packed with features such as a simple error handling process and the opportunity to use powered slices, pointers and arrays. it is also assembled and gives users an escape from discretionary code execution, which has been a critical issue for today’s businesses.

Furthermore, the language integrates with opengl (open graphics library) efficiently and helps blockchain developers get better benefits in terms of gpu capacity.

frequently asked questions

p. Is there a demand for blockchain developers?

yes, blockchain developers are in high demand. in fact, it has been found that the demand for blockchain engineers in 2020 was 517% higher than that recorded in 2019. and this figure is sure to increase in the coming years.

p. what do you need to learn to start developing on blockchain?

Although the answer to this question is too broad, we will summarize it in some basic tips:-

  • strong understanding of the basics of blockchain development, i.e. its features and popular platforms.
  • knowledge of failure points in the overall system.
  • experience in top blockchain programming languages.
  • familiarity with popular cryptocurrencies and the concept of cryptocurrency mining.
  • background in web development, networking, and security.

p. what language is ethereum encoded in?

The ethereum programming language, currently at version 2.0, is coded in go, c++ and rust.

p. What language is the bitcoin block chain written in?

the bitcoin programming language, according to our experts, is written in c++.

p. What programming languages ​​does blockchain use?

There are a lot of programming languages ​​that can be used for blockchain development. this includes primitive languages ​​like c++, java block chain programming, javascript, and python, and new entrants like robustness, simplicity, and cx.

p. how to learn to program blockchain?

To get started, you can join various blockchain communities, opt for online blockchain programming tutorials, search for vlogs on youtube, and read blockchain news. There are also free courses available to learn blockchain programming.


so, these were some of the programming languages ​​that can be considered to enter the world of blockchain and take full advantage of the burgeoning opportunity. these languages, as already covered in this article, have different potential and therefore can be used to build different forms of blockchain and cryptocurrency based solutions. It implies that you should know which language is best for which type of blockchain development and eventually hone your skills in it.

now while learning through online blockchain programming tutorials and training programs it is a good effort to be well versed in its theoretical concepts, if you want to do some practical things or learn how to program a blockchain under the shadow of a reputed blockchain application development company, connect our recruitment team for an internship opportunity today.

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