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  • offers medication management
  • various price levels to choose from
  • many options for therapy communication methods, including text, audio, and video, as well as live sessions
  • choice of various providers offered
  • cons

    • it can take several days to find a therapist
    • therapist bio not available on website
    • live video sessions are not available at all levels
    • there may be delays in responding to messages
    • conversation space

      talkspace operates on the principle that your mental health needs shouldn’t stop just because you don’t have instant access to a counselor at all times. That’s why the platform offers an unlimited messaging plan that allows users to message their counselors as things come up throughout the day instead of waiting for a live session.

      session types

      talkspace offers two session formats to choose from: messaging and live therapy.

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      message therapy

      With the message therapy plan, you will be connected with a therapist and provided with a private chat room where you can send text, audio and video messages. the room is open at all times and you can send a message when you need it. Your therapist is required to monitor the room and respond according to a set schedule five days a week, but cannot do so outside of these scheduled hours. if you message them outside of these hours, you may need to wait up to 24 hours for a response. If you want real-time interaction with your therapist, you can schedule an audio, video, or live chat session for an additional $65 per session.

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      talkspace is not transparent about how quickly its therapists respond to messages. states that therapists respond quickly, but messages sent outside of scheduled hours or late at night may not receive a response until morning. Additionally, therapists are only required to respond five days a week, which can be a hurdle for someone expecting a response to a message outside of their therapist’s hours. however, you can send as many messages as you like, even outside of your therapist’s business hours, which can be convenient for people who prefer to vent as they come up.

      live therapy

      The live therapy subscription offers four 45-minute live sessions per month. does not include messaging, but you can subscribe to a live therapy plus messaging plan for a combination of the features of the live and messaging therapy plans.

      the bbb gives talkspace a b rating, but customers who reviewed talkspace on the bbb gave it 1.09 out of 5 stars.

      cost and payment options

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      Prices for chat rooms vary based on where you live and the availability of therapists licensed to practice in your state of residence. Here’s what you can expect to pay without insurance, depending on the subscription you choose:

      • message therapy text, video and audio messages starting at $79 per week, $316 per month; discounts for quarterly (10 percent) and semi-annual (20 percent) payments
      • live therapy four 45-minute live therapy sessions per month starting at $109 per week, $436 per month; discounts for quarterly (10 percent) and semi-annual (20 percent) payments
      • Live Messaging Plus Therapy text, video and audio messaging plus four 45-minute live therapy sessions per month starting at $139 per week, $556 per month; discounts for quarterly (10 percent) and semi-annual (20 percent) payments
      • Adolescent therapy (ages 13-17) text, audio and video messages for $65 per week, $260 per month
      • psychiatrist sessions $249 for the first consultation, $125 for follow-up visits
      • what insurance does talkspace accept?

        talkspace partners with a long list of insurance providers, employer-based insurance plans, and employee assistance programs. Enter the name of your insurance company on the talkspace partners page to see if the company accepts your insurance.

        Read our expert review of the talkspace online therapy platform if you need more information to help you choose the best option for you.

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