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what is sr-22 insurance?

SR-22 insurance is coverage for high-risk drivers who must verify with the state that they have the minimum amount of auto insurance required by law. an sr-22 is not a separate type of insurance, but rather a certificate of financial responsibility that an insurer must file with the state dmv on behalf of the driver.

Crimes that may require a driver to have an SR-22 include driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without insurance, or any offense that leads to license revocation or suspension. SR-22 insurance generally costs more than regular coverage because the driver is considered high risk.

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who needs sr-22 insurance?

  • drivers who accumulate too many moving violations in a short period of time
  • drivers convicted of dui, dwi, ​​reckless driving or other serious crimes
  • drivers caught driving without the required amount of insurance
  • drivers who need to reinstate a suspended license
  • Learn more about when drivers need an SR-22.

    how does sr-22 insurance work

    In states that use Form SR-22, it is most often required to reinstate a license or registration after a suspension or revocation. The insurance company will file this form on behalf of the driver, and the policyholder will need to maintain the required amount of insurance for as long as they have an SR-22 filed.

    how to get sr-22 insurance

    1. contact your auto insurance company to start the filing process

    You will be asked to certify that you will have at least the minimum amount of auto insurance for the entire period that you are required to have an SR-22 on file. If you do not have auto insurance or do not have enough coverage to meet state minimums, you will first need to purchase a sufficient amount of coverage before you can file an SR-22.

    2. decide what type of sr-22 certificate you need

    There are three types of sr-22 certificates available to drivers based on their individual needs. An owner’s certificate only covers cars you own, while an operator’s certificate (also called an SR-22 non-owner) is what you need if you don’t own a car. In most states, you can also get an owner-operator certificate, which covers you when you drive any vehicle, regardless of who owns it.

    If you own a vehicle but frequently use rental or loaner cars, an owner-operator certificate is probably the best option for you.

    3. file the sr-22

    Your insurer will file the sr-22 with your state dmv and will charge you a filing fee of between $15 and $25. It is important to consistently maintain insurance coverage while you have a registered SR-22. If your insurance lapses or is canceled during the required period, your insurance provider will alert the state. If you have not obtained insurance from another provider, the state may revoke your driving privileges as a penalty for the gap in coverage.

    cost of sr-22 insurance

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    There are two types of costs associated with filing an sr-22: the sr-22 filing fee and the increased cost of your insurance.

    filing fee

    States require a filing fee for Form SR-22. Although this fee varies by state, it typically ranges from $15 to $25. your insurance provider will file the form with the state and collect the fee as part of your insurance bill.

    increased cost of insurance

    Car insurance premiums increase with an SR-22 because your insurance company will typically classify you as a “high risk” driver. SR-22 insurance costs $742 to $1,465 per year, on average, depending on the insurer and the offense that led to the SR-22 requirement. an sr-22 requirement can increase a driver’s premium by up to 18%.

    Learn more about how much SR-22 insurance costs.

    the cheapest sr-22 insurance companies

    • geico: $556 per year
    • united states: $576 per year
    • farm insurance: $615 per year
    • progressive: $669 per year
    • mercury: $700 per year
    • travellers: $741 per year
    • wawanese: $745 per year
    • insurance: $769 per year
    • yyyy: $795 per year
    • check out wallethub’s article on the cheapest sr-22 insurance to find the best company in your state.

      sr-22 requirements by state

      Most states require drivers to file an sr-22 for a minimum of three years. As long as you remain violation-free during that time, you will no longer be required to have an SR-22 on file after that period ends. however, if you commit another serious violation, your filing period may be extended. twelve states require neither an sr-22 nor an fr-44.

      *minimum filing periods vary based on the specific violation. ** Filing period increases with each subsequent violation. After a fourth dwi offense, the filing requirement becomes permanent.

      in massachusetts, an sr-22 is only for drivers who must file one in another state. the filing period depends on the state in which the driver was convicted.

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      in florida and virginia, drivers must file an fr-44 after a dui instead of an sr-22. An FR-44 is similar to an SR-22 in that it verifies that the driver has insurance, but requires higher coverage limits than the state minimum.

      how moving states affect sr-22 insurance

      Moving states can affect your sr-22 insurance since not all states use the sr-22 form. however, every state is different, so the most important thing to remember is to follow the requirements of the state in which you originally filed an sr-22.

      common state requirements when moving in with an sr-22

      • some states may not require you to file a new sr-22 form; instead, they request an affidavit stating that you will keep the sr-22 on file in the original state.
      • if you move to a state that doesn’t use sr-22, you should still keep your sr-22 on file in the original state for as long as it is needed in that state.
      • some states require additional fees, additional insurance, and re-filing your sr-22 with them.
      • tips for getting affordable sr-22 insurance


        Get quotes from your multiple insurance providers, not just your current carrier.

        find out how much insurance you really need.

        Your state requires a minimum level of insurance, but getting more than that is up to you. You should weigh the monthly cost of insurance options against the risk of not having enough insurance to cover expenses in the event of an accident.

        Consider sr-22 non-homeowners insurance.

        If you don’t own a car, but may need to drive using leased or borrowed cars, non-owners insurance is often the cheapest route to getting back on the road with an SR-22.

        continue to compare insurance rates annually.

        As time goes on, the violation that caused you to need an SR-22 will have less of an impact on your insurance rates. You should compare quotes annually to make sure your current company is still giving you the best deal. If you change companies during the time you need to file an SR-22, make sure your insurance doesn’t expire.

        know your options if you can’t find a company willing to insure you.

        If you can’t find a company willing to provide you with the coverage and certification you need, you may be able to apply for auto insurance through your state. Many states have programs that match high-risk drivers with partner insurers that agree to provide at least the minimum level of coverage required.

        Depending on the state, you may apply through a state office or through a local insurer that participates in the program. however, consider using a state program as a last resort, as it will likely be your most expensive option.

        video: sr-22 insurance basics

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