Insurance Lawyer: Who Are They? What Do They Do? (2022)

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Video What type of lawyer handles insurance claims

Insurance attorneys are people who protect the rights of their clients in the course of an insurance claim. there are a lot of unsavory insurers and claimants out there, which means hiring an insurance attorney is critical for anyone navigating the claims process.

They also handle various aspects of an insurance claim. From accidents to damage reconstruction to negotiations, an insurance attorney will make sure their clients don’t pay more or receive less than they deserve.

Reading: What type of lawyer handles insurance claims

what is an insurance attorney?

An insurance attorney practices insurance law. provide legal advice when clients have legal questions related to an insurance claim. Insurance attorneys can also negotiate insurance settlements or litigate bad faith cases in court.

Types of claims insurance attorneys handle include:

  • property damage claims
  • auto accident cases
  • health insurance benefits
  • disability cases
  • business liability claims
  • and more
  • When hiring an insurance attorney, he or she will review the facts of your case and devise a strategy that meets the goals of your claim. It can be reassuring to know that someone is on her side if she decides to hire an insurance attorney.

    They generally do not accept the salary of an insurance attorney. instead, they are paid in contingency fees for a percentage if they win your case.

    who needs an insurance lawyer?

    You need an insurance attorney when you need legal advice on an insurance claim. insurance companies may offer you less than you deserve.

    While each case is unique, you may need an insurance attorney when:

    1. sue an insurer for issues related to the insurance contract
    2. Identifying a Fair Settlement Amount in a Personal Injury Case
    3. force compliance against insurance companies in civil court
    4. establish whether your claim was denied in good or bad faith
    5. Receiving adequate insurance coverage is not always a simple process. These cases are complicated. An insurance attorney will help you understand your options and legal risks when making decisions.

      what is an insurance claim?

      Insurance claims are formal requests for payment under your policy. These claims will help you make repairs, get medical care, or replace personal property. An insurance claim is subject to state, federal, and local laws.

      After submitting a claim, you will receive approval or denial. if approved, your insurer will send you the agreed amount of money. If you are denied, you can either accept the insurance company’s decision or fight their decision with an insurance attorney.

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      Here is an article on what an insurance claim is.

      types of insurance claims

      There are several types of insurance claims you can file through your insurance companies, including home, health, auto, disability, liability, and property and casualty insurers.


      Homeowners insurance claims are those filed by owners of residential and commercial properties when physical damage has occurred. Insurance companies typically offer policies that cover property owners for fire, flood, storm damage, and more.


      Health insurance claims are requests for payment made to insurance companies for medical services rendered. the insurance company may claim that it does not cover a specific type of treatment. always read the terms and conditions of your policy for details about your coverage with health insurance lawyers by searching for “health insurance lawyers near me”.


      Auto insurance claims are those related to damage to motor vehicles. Auto insurance laws vary from case to case, which means you should seek guidance from auto insurance attorneys.

      Some states require you to file the claim through your insurer or, if another driver was at fault, against your policy. Googling “auto insurance attorneys near me” or “auto insurance attorneys near me” will give you a good start in the research process.


      Disability insurance claims pay benefits to approved beneficiaries who are no longer able to work or earn a living. this cessation of work is usually caused by a short-term or long-term disability.


      General liability insurance claims protect business owners from third-party lawsuits. These types of claims may include bodily harm, advertising claims, copyright infringement, and property damage. Business owners do not need to carry liability insurance policies, but they do insulate the business from financial exposure.

      property and casualty

      Property and casualty insurance claims, also called p&c, also protect you and the various types of property you own. is a general term for liability and property damage coverage.

      types of p&c policies may include:

      • property damage insurance
      • motor vehicle insurance
      • condo insurance
      • property manager insurance
      • renters insurance
      • and more
      • There are always coverage limits that will apply to policies. As such, it’s critical to review the language policy with an insurance attorney if you have legal questions.

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        how do i file an insurance claim?

        There are numerous critical steps to take when filing an insurance claim. For more severe damage cases, you can talk to an insurance attorney to help you file a claim before a problem arises. however, it may not be necessary until you feel the offer you received is too low.

        Follow these steps to file an insurance claim:

        • Step 1: Take all necessary precautions to prevent further damage or injury.
        • Step 2: Review the terms and conditions of your policy to determine if you are covered.
        • Step 3 – Keep a file folder of your claim documents, including evidence of your losses.
        • Step 4: Contact the insurance company to file your claim within state law and insurance policy timeframes. do not make self-incriminating statements.
        • Step 5: Receive a decision from the insurance company. If your claim is denied, take detailed notes and make copies of the claim denial.
        • Step 6: Talk to an insurance attorney if you get a denial and you don’t think it’s fair.
        • All states have laws that protect consumers during the claim process. Since insurers have an unfair advantage, they must explicitly follow the rules. If they don’t, they may be on the receiving end of a civil lawsuit filed by their insurance attorney.

          Here’s another article on understanding insurance claims.

          what does an insurance lawyer do?

          Insurance attorneys may work on behalf of insurance companies or consumers. both types of representation are very different. however, they are still managing many of the same essential strategies.

          an insurance lawyer performs the following activities

          • collect and review the facts of the case
          • identify the guilty parties and hold them accountable
          • determine the fair value of an insurance claim
          • research specific federal, state, and local laws
          • handle negotiations and communications on behalf of the client
          • represent clients case in civil court if necessary
          • provide ongoing legal advice to clients
          • and more
          • An insurance attorney is the only professional who can provide advice or opinion on legal decisions. try researching different attorneys by searching for “insurance attorneys near me” or “insurance claims attorney near me.”

            should you hire a lawyer for your insurance claim?

            You should get an attorney for your insurance claim if you believe the insurance company did not pay you what you deserved or acted illegally in any way. insurers must follow specific laws.

            The most practical way to determine if you should hire an attorney for your insurance claim is to ask them directly. If an insurance attorney can add value to her case, he or she will let you know.

            Here is an article on hiring an attorney for an insurance claim.

            do you need an insurance lawyer?

            Do you need an insurance lawyer? Post your project on contractscounsel today with no upfront cost.

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