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Around the world, there are several stock exchanges where traders and brokers buy and sell a wide variety of securities. These are mostly shares issued by listed companies, derivatives, bonds and variable percentages of shares. all stock exchanges also act as platforms that publicly traded companies use to raise capital.

The first “official” stock exchange was established in the Netherlands in 1602. It was established in Amsterdam, then one of the world’s leading trading centers, under the auspices of the vast Dutch East India Company.

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Modern stock markets are more than a crossroads where buyers and sellers meet. The US stock market, or a similar establishment in any other country, is a barometer of the economic condition of that country. are managed as separate entities; as such, there is a well-defined US stock market time.

When market conditions are fair, stock prices maintain a constant rate of growth.

In times of economic challenges like depressions and recessions, stock markets will suffer. In the past, there have been several “market shocks” in the United States and comparable economies.

we share market time or trading hours

the united states has several stock exchanges, but the two main ones are the new york stock exchange and nasdaq. The former is headquartered on New York’s Wall Street and is the world’s largest stock exchange based on market capitalization. The NYSE is owned by the Intercontinental Stock Exchange (ICE), which in turn is listed on the NYSE.

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The second largest stock market in the United States is also the second largest stock market in the world. It is owned by Nasdaq, Inc. and is located in liberty plaza (formerly known as the us steel building) in new york city.

the nyse was created in 1792, while the nasdaq was founded much later, in 1971.

These two stock exchanges are governed by the us stock market trading hours. uu. indicated below. note that most of the world’s largest exchanges also follow nearly identical timings.

US stock market time is based on the Eastern or ET time zone. this timezone has 2 variables –

  • Eastern Standard Time or Est: Est is observed during the fall and winter months in New York and other cities in the United States. is 5 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time/Coordinated Universal Time or UTC-5.
  • Eastern Time or EDT: In the summer and spring seasons, it is observed Daylight Saving Time. edt is 4 hours behind utc or utc-4.

Although there are provisions for early trading, the opening hours of the us stock market. In the US, such as Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and NYSE, always refers to the start of regular business hours or 9:30 a.m. m. on all business days. trading does not occur on Saturdays and Sundays.

The table below tells us the stock market holidays on which no business is conducted plus some days that have truncated business hours.

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note: the holidays mentioned are for 2020. they may differ slightly for other years. Normally, if a federal holiday falls on any weekend, it is observed on the next business day. Therefore, Christmas Day will be observed on December 26, 2022 since the 25th is Sunday.

us stock market time in india

As there are multiple time zones between the US and India, the following table will be a useful guide for market watchers.

indian stock markets open at 9:15 am. m. and they close at 3:30 p.m. m.

Details of other major stock markets have also been incorporated.

some more facts about us stock market timing. uu.

there have been deviations from the standard working hours of the us stock market opening time. uu. in the past due to various reasons. some notable cases include –

  • immediately after the terrorist attacks of september 11, 2001, ny was closed for a record 4 consecutive sessions. it was a tuesday operations resumed monday september 17th.
  • on monday october 29, 2012, nyse was closed for 2 days due to destruction caused by hurricane sandy. this storm ultimately caused more than $70 billion in damage, not only in the united states but also in other countries.
  • nyse has proposed moving its operations online temporarily due to the covid-19 pandemic which is in its third wave in the country.

Once the situation normalizes, all major US stock exchanges are expected to resume normal operations. currently, us stock market time uu. remains unchanged. with the US presidential election. uu. As 2020 draws to a close, it remains to be seen if the new president plays into these long-standing calendars.

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