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If you’re a new homeowner with a Pit Bull, you should be aware that certain breeds of dogs, such as Pit Bulls, may not be covered by regular home insurance. This is because pit bulls have a reputation for being a “dangerous breed” and homeowners insurance is often more expensive when the company determines that their customers are more responsible.

Some evidence shows that pit bulls aren’t genetically more dangerous than other dogs, but insurance companies aren’t giving up just yet. they also have plenty of statistics they can cite to support their argument. To help you find good insurance to cover your pit bull, we’ve put together a list of the top insurance companies that won’t make a fuss or raise your premium.

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insurance problems with certain breeds of dogs

if you have a pit bill, you may be surprised by this discrimination against them. If properly trained, they can be some of the most loving and cuddly pets. however, insurance companies often want to protect themselves by excluding sources of potential increased liability.

This bias against certain breeds stems from the fact that Pit Bulls were used for dog fighting in the past and were often trained to attack, rather than behave properly like other dog breeds. due to this history they are now considered a more violent and dangerous race, which unfortunately has been backed up by statistics. The CDC found that pit bulls were responsible for the majority of human attacks and deaths in the years 1979 to 1994, and this has not improved in recent years.

Your home liability coverage generally includes any damage or injury caused by your pets. So it’s not much of an imaginary stretch to understand that if, statistically, pit bulls have been found to bite more frequently, some insurers will raise their rates. The average cost of a dog bite claim is $37,000, and in 2019 alone, there were claims against owners with pit bulls worth $790 million.

It is important to note that the term “pit bull” can also include mixes of the following breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
  • bull terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • staffordshire bull terrier
  • Unfortunately, the insurers’ war on “dangerous” dogs doesn’t end there. insurance companies also tend to blacklist various types of larger breeds, which can also cause more damage.

    • German Shepherds
    • rottweilers
    • doberman pinscher
    • chow chows
    • great dane
    • huskies
    • That’s why it’s important to check your insurance company’s dog policies. some do not cover these breeds completely, while others cover them, but at high premiums. getting multiple quotes from different companies is the best decision. We’ve researched some of the most popular insurance companies that will cover your pitbull.

      Some people choose to exclude their pit bulls from their home insurance, but this comes with many risks. If your dog bites someone, you will be entirely responsible for paying for the damage out of pocket, and this will end up costing you more in the long run. notifying your insurer of your dog and the dog’s breed is the best option.

      insure your pit bull under certain conditions

      There are exceptions to the general rule that insurers will not cover your pit bull. some companies may be more lenient if you have been their customer for a long time and may choose to look at the situation on a case-by-case basis.

      • some insurance companies will look at the dog’s history and whether or not it has been violent in the past.
      • Some businesses accept trained and certified service dogs, as well as dogs that have an obedience or training certificate. The American Kennel Club has the Canine Good Citizen certification, which is the most respected by insurance companies and can even guarantee you a discount on your premium.
      • it is mandatory to spay or neuter your pitbull.
      • Alternatively, your insurance company might agree to make sure your pit bull is uncertified if you enroll him in behavior classes to make sure he’s less likely to attack someone.
      • In addition, it is recommended to socialize your pit bull and have a responsible pet. for example, playing tug-of-war with your dog is generally discouraged because it can quickly become dangerous for the people involved and lead to an accident.
      • If you want your dog evaluated based on your specific situation, you should expect a company representative to come to your home and evaluate your dog’s behavior. this is great news because if your dog is well behaved, chances are you will get a fair rate.

        If you want to go with any of the routes listed above, there are two more options you can do:

        • Get an umbrella insurance policy that covers injuries, property, damages and judgments not usually included in your homeowners insurance.
        • obtain dog liability insurance that is specific to dogs that can cause harm and compensates dog bite victims.
        • more information on dog training at the american kennel club, petsmart and petco

          Most of the companies that cover pit bulls that we have chosen to feature here require or prefer that your dog have some type of training certificate. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is excellently certified and there are several AKC clubs in all 50 states.

          AKC Canine Good Citizen Training is a six-week course, lasting just one hour per week. It costs $150 and includes:

          • a clicker for training
          • class handouts
          • a certificate
          • the process allows no more than eight dogs per training session to ensure your dog receives the attention and education he deserves. During training, to be certified, dogs must pass 10 tests, including walking on a slack leash and coming when called.

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            There are also two less expensive options. PetSmart and Petco offer similar certification programs for $119 and $109, respectively. Like AKC training, these programs run for six weeks. petsmart also has a variety of different training levels for dogs of all ages and experiences:

            • puppy training
            • training for beginners
            • intermediate training
            • advanced training
            • therapy training
            • the state farm is pit bull friendly

              state farm has been the go-to insurance company for pit bull owners because of their bully friendly policy. They believe “it’s not the breed, it’s the bite” and don’t raise premiums just because you have a pit bull or a larger breed.

              Any dog ​​can become aggressive and start biting people, so the risk is always there when you have a pet. Many people believe that smaller dogs are actually more aggressive; this can be the case when you see your neighbor’s chihuahua through the window and they greet you with a series of ferocious barks. state farm is aware of this, so they are lenient when it comes to insuring all breeds of dogs and take a case-by-case approach, which we’ll discuss later.

              Also, customer feedback on state farm has been overwhelmingly positive:

              “five stars! no breed specific so we love it! my daughter rescues pitbulls. we also like the rates and customer service we always receive. we will always be a state farm customer!”

              People also love that state farm is extremely convenient, and all bills can be paid online or through their app. Their home insurance coverage ranges from $100,000 to $500,000, which is great for homeowners with a dog and their rates aren’t too bad either.

              well-behaved dogs are accepted throughout the country

              Nationwide is one such insurer that will accept your pit bull under their insurance plan under certain conditions. They expect your dog to have a canine good citizen certification from the American Kennel Club that we mentioned earlier, which includes dog and owner training.

              During this certification process, the dog and owner have the opportunity to bond, and the dog learns how to behave well in a crowd and in front of its owner by learning basic commands like “sit” and “come here.” “

              obtaining this certification is worth it because at the national level it is not the only company that seeks it. While this is one of their acceptance criteria, other insurance companies may even give you a discount if your dog has this widely recognized certificate; This is especially true for people who are currently renting.

              what are well behaved dogs like?

              These are some of the criteria at the national level:

              • the dog must be able to sit while being petted.
              • The dog needs to be friendly to strangers and not bark excessively.
              • The dog does not need to show any signs of fear or aggression such as growling.
              • The dog must be able to show calm in a crowded room.
              • If you start taking your dog to any training course, you will quickly see the progress he makes in improving his behavior, and the insurance companies will notice it too.

                allstate is another popular option for pit bull owners

                allstate is the third most popular insurance company in the united states and has a generally good reputation. has a j.d. power score of 841 out of 1,000 and a financial strength rating of a+. however, one downside to allstate is that they have twice the average number of customer complaints regarding claims handling, so it can be a problem if you’re unsure about going with allstate.

                Most importantly, though, they don’t care about race either. they even outline some really good advice on their website about what homeowners with dogs should know before buying home insurance.

                In addition, they also provide further guidance on how to reduce the likelihood of a liability claim to show insurance companies that there is minimal risk of the owner’s dog causing harm.

                these include:

                • keep your dog on a leash while you’re in the backyard so you have more control over what’s going on.
                • Vaccinate your dog against rabies.
                • don’t leave children with your dog. Both children and dogs are extremely unpredictable, and even if children want to play with your dog, it is best to supervise this playtime or keep the dog at a decent distance. about 4.5 million children are bitten by a dog each year.
                • amica has excellent customer service

                  amica’s award-winning customer service is there for you if anything goes wrong. They will also perform a pet evaluation to determine if your pit bull is well behaved.

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                  amica is also known for having the lowest rates on the market, comparable to geico; Unfortunately, Geico doesn’t cover all dog breeds and has restrictions on Pit Bulls, so Amica could be your second go-to company.

                  some of the other features of amica home insurance are:

                  • catastrophic coverage covers damage caused by earthquakes and floods
                  • personal property coverage if your property is damaged or stolen
                  • additional coverage for things like business property and medical payments
                  • amica has a surprisingly low number of complaints due to home insurance claims, and customer satisfaction is generally very good.

                    farmers home insurance has pit bull owners covered

                    farmers home insurance is not the least expensive insurance company you could choose, but it offers quality services and resolves claims at an extremely fast rate. They will cover your property, possessions, medical payments, additional living expenses, and your pit bull.

                    chubb will also cover your pitbull

                    chubb is a lesser known insurance company that has a more lenient dog policy. however, they have not received good reviews in the past and customer satisfaction seems to be low at the moment.

                    They don’t have the lowest prices on the market, and after looking at their customer satisfaction score, choosing one of the other insurers we listed might be a better idea.

                    usaa is the ideal choice for people in the military with pit bulls

                    usaa is another insurance company that will insure your pit bull as part of your home insurance. however, usaa is different from the companies we have mentioned so far. it is only for people who served in the military and their families.

                    this is the best insurance company that provides this type of insurance services for veterans, and also includes all breeds of dogs. Just like across the country, they also look at your dog’s history of bites and violence before making a final decision on your rate.

                    some of the other benefits of usaa include:

                    • No Claims Discount: Homeowners with no claims in the last five years get a 10% discount.
                    • Military Uniform Coverage: If you’re on active duty and something happens to your military uniform, ee. uu. will refund you.
                    • Discount on home security devices: If you start using adt security services, you will also get a discount.
                    • the j.d. power study in 2020 rated usa home insurance uu. as one of the best you can get. they also had fewer complaints regarding home insurance compared to other companies. All in all, if you’re in the military and have a pit bull, the choice here is pretty obvious: you’ll surely be satisfied with the service you receive at no cost to your pup.

                      insurers that are probably not a good fit

                      There are a couple of companies that are notorious for having a strict ‘no harassing dogs’ policy. those companies include:

                      • progressive
                      • the hartford
                      • American family
                      • horacio mann
                      • plus liberty mutual also tends to charge a higher rate if you have a pitbull so that might not be the best way to go especially after listing several better options that will be more forgiving.

                        a disappointed customer wrote the following about progressive:

                        “progressive doesn’t have a dangerous breed policy. once they found out i had a pitbull they gave me 30 days to find another policy, because they had no problem canceling me right away. my dogs are harmless and loving. it’s disappointing see such a [discriminatory] company”

                        This is why researching insurance companies beforehand is extremely important. you don’t want to be disappointed, end up with a higher quote, or be terminated, like the previous customer. therefore, if you own a pit bull, we encourage you to do some extensive research and we hope this article was the first step in that process.

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