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in ontario, esurance offers the cheapest car insurance with comprehensive coverage and for drivers with speeding tickets. progressive has the cheapest statewide minimum coverage widely available, though if you’re in the military, usaa might be another affordable option. Moneygeek’s pick for best overall auto insurance company is aaa, with its balance of great customer service and affordability.

The cheapest auto insurance companies in Ontario that offer widely available full coverage policies are:

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  • insurance: $1,053 per year
  • progressive: $1154 per year
  • Current or former military members and their families can purchase coverage from usaa, which offers the second cheapest average rate in the city at $1,102 a year.

    esurance is the most affordable option for ontario drivers looking for comprehensive coverage. An insurance policy is 72% less than a policy from Allied, Ontario’s most expensive insurer. Full coverage policies are those that include both comprehensive and collision insurance. Remember that your premium may vary for comprehensive coverage, depending on the liability limits you select.

    the cheapest car insurance in ontario

    moneygeek obtained average rates for a 40-year-old male driver with full coverage auto insurance, based on our methodology.

    Full coverage auto insurance is more expensive than a policy that only meets the state’s minimum requirements, but includes comprehensive and collision insurance. That comprehensive coverage gives you additional protection against the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle.

    • Comprehensive Coverage – Pays for repairs to your car when it is damaged in a non-collision incident, such as fire, vandalism, or an adverse weather event.
    • Collision coverage: Pays to repair your car after a collision.
    • Having state minimum or liability-only auto insurance may be a better option for drivers with older vehicles. This is because full coverage insurance premiums can add up to more than the replacement value of your car.

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      Ontario drivers looking for the cheapest insurance available can opt for a policy that only meets the state’s minimum requirements. The most affordable options for this coverage are:

      • progressive: $473 per year
      • yyy: $539 per year
      • usaa has the cheapest average annual rate at $446, but is only available to drivers who are military. a progressive policy costs $356 less per year than the most expensive option, farmers.

        Although it is the cheapest option, the minimum coverage does not include comprehensive and collision insurance. may also have low levels of liability coverage. All this means that you run the risk of not being fully covered in the event of an accident.

        See the table below to see how rates change based on limits of liability.

        cheapest minimum liability auto insurance in ontario

        By law, drivers in California must have insurance that meets California’s minimum requirements for 15/30/5 liability coverage. As the cheapest insurance, it can certainly save you money on premiums. The downside, however, is that you could end up owing substantial amounts if you’re in an accident.

        For example, if you are at fault in an accident and the other driver’s medical bills total $25,000, your insurer will pay $15,000 of that amount. you will be responsible for paying the balance of $10,000.

        Any driving violation on your record, from speeding tickets and DUIs to at-fault accidents, can lead to higher car insurance rates.

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        The most affordable auto insurance policies for ontario drivers with violations are:

        • cheaper after one ticket: insurance, $1,336 per year
        • cheaper after an at-fault accident: insurance, $1,657 per year
        • cheaper after dui: mercury, $2,197 per year
        • usaa has the cheapest average annual rate at $1,204 for drivers with speeding tickets, but only the military are eligible for their policies.

          drivers with poor records may see lower premiums after improving their driving record over time. In the meantime, shopping around is the best way to find affordable insurance after a ticket or accident.

          cheapest car insurance in ontario with a violation

          Your personal history and driving record are unique. Insurers consider factors like your age, gender, driving experience, location, and more. that’s why you can’t just rely on average rates. To determine how much you should pay for your specific situation, compare personalized insurance quotes to find out which company offers the best rates.

          moneygeek analyzed the average rates, claim ratings, and user satisfaction scores of various auto insurance companies and found that the following insurers offer the best auto insurance in Ontario:

          • safe: moneygeek score of 89.4 out of 100
          • aaa: moneygeek score of 87.0 out of 100
          • Because USAA does not offer policies to non-military drivers, Moneygeek did not include the company in this analysis. however, it received a score of 94.0 out of 100, making it the best auto insurance company in ontario.

            where you live in ontario affects your annual auto insurance premium. This is because different neighborhoods have varying rates of car thefts, accidents, and uninsured drivers. In Ontario, drivers in the 91761 zip code pay about $90 more per year than drivers in the 91764 neighborhood.

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