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There are many factors that affect insurance rates. downgrades to your credit score, points on your driving record, or change of location can cause your rates to increase. So, it’s normal for auto insurance to go up every year.

however, your rates could go up to $50 per month or more with some insurance companies. If you get your renewal and you’re not happy with the price increase, it’s time to shop around.

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Should I increase my car insurance every year?

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Although you need to renew your car insurance every year or even every six months, your rates may not be the same, even if you stay with the same insurance company. There are many factors that affect increases, but there is also a limit to how much an insurance company can increase your rates.

Each state dictates what type of raises are allowed. however, a clause in your policy may also state a maximum allowable increase in auto insurance rates.

Buying cheap auto insurance can save you a lot of money, but your rates are never guaranteed. It can be frustrating to see your auto insurance rates go up every year. however, auto insurance rates are controlled by many different factors, some of which you can control.

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Most of the things that will cause your insurance rates to go up can’t be avoided. however, you need to know what you have control over when it comes to your auto insurance costs.

Why are my car insurance rates going up?

Regardless of which insurance company you use, your rates could increase simply because of the company’s operating costs. this is often one of the most important factors regarding price changes.

As more insurance policies are issued, there is a greater likelihood of an increase in claims filed. This increases both risk and workload for the insurer, and your company adjusts premium rates to keep up with the business and continue to pay legitimate claims. if the economy is not doing well, it can also affect car insurance rates, as the company must be able to adjust to any negative impact in the market.

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Other factors include the number of uninsured motorists on the roads and the standard speed limits for your location. for example, higher speed limits increase the risk of accidents, leading to greater liability for the insurance company.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help prevent your rates from rising significantly. You can keep rates low by shopping for discounts from the best auto insurance companies and by looking at your credit report or driving record.

driver’s age

The highest costs are associated with teen and young adult drivers, given their lack of experience and maturity behind the wheel. As a result, there is a higher chance of accidents and claims for these age groups.

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Gender and marital status also affect rates, and the following table shows how these factors influence auto insurance rates with various companies.

Average annual auto insurance rates by age and gender

age and model of vehicle

If you buy a new car, you could see a noticeable increase in your auto insurance rates. This is because new cars are generally more expensive to replace if they are destroyed in an accident, and parts for new cars also tend to be more expensive.

Although cars with certain safety features can help lower your insurance rates, models associated with higher risks (such as sports cars) will have higher rates.

location and storage

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Where you live will also affect your car insurance rates, so moving can increase them. For example, if you live in a busy city and park your car on the street or in a public parking lot, there’s a higher risk of vandalism or theft that can increase your rates.

driving record and credit history

Your driving record is just one factor in your personal history, and your credit score is another. Your credit history provides insurance companies with a snapshot of your liability and expiration, which could indicate what financial risk the company is assuming by issuing a policy. A drop in your credit score will have a negative impact on your auto insurance rates.

Accidents or violations on your driving record will also cause your auto insurance rates to increase. Here are the average auto insurance rates by driving record to give you an idea of ​​how much you could pay:

policy details

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Changing the details of your insurance policy will also increase your rates. For example, lowering your deductible will cause your rates to go up, while raising your deductible will lower your rates.

While it means you’ll pay more out of pocket during a claim, maintaining a higher deductible can be an affordable way to work out rising rates. Switching from comprehensive coverage to minimum liability is also a way to lower the cost of auto insurance.

How often should I expect my auto insurance rates to increase?

You can expect your rates to increase with each renewal period, which is typically every six months. Some auto insurance companies will let you sign a one-year contract, which could help keep your rates from going up until your next renewal.

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Of course, rates don’t always go up. Your rates may go down, especially as you get older, your car ages, or you reduce coverage when you pay off your car.

How to Stop Rising Auto Insurance Rates: The Bottom Line

It’s normal for your car insurance to go up every year. But you can keep your rates from going too high by paying attention to personal factors that can increase your auto insurance rates.

When it comes to the factors you can’t control, searching for free car insurance quotes and discount options from several different car insurance companies can help you save money on car insurance.

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