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is the armored thyroid covered by insurance | How much does armored thyroid cost without insurance? | how to get thyroid armor without insurance

Armor Thyroid and other thyroid medications are available to help treat thyroid problems, and these medications can vary in price and insurance coverage. Armor thyroid can be an expensive medication, whether you pay an insurance copay or the full cash price. Learn more about armor thyroid price, recommended dosages, and alternative thyroid medications.

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what is armor thyroid?

armor thyroid is a brand name prescription thyroid medication. it replaces thyroid hormones in people with an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and suppresses the growth of thyroid nodules, goiter, and thyroid cancer.

armor thyroid tablets contain dry extract of pig thyroid glands (porcine thyroid). the tablets are taken to treat hypothyroidism in doses ranging from 60 to 120 mg per day. The exact amount of thyroid hormone in an Armor Thyroid tablet can vary depending on the strength of the tablet. For example, a 60 mg tablet or 1 grain contains 38 micrograms of the hormone thyroxine (T4) and 9 micrograms of the hormone Liothyronine (T3).

Thyroid medications, such as armor thyroid, are not prescribed for people with high levels of thyroid hormones or uncontrolled adrenal gland problems.

Is the armor’s thyroid covered by insurance?

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Health insurance plans may or may not cover armor thyroid and other porcine thyroid medications. instead, health insurance plans typically cover synthetic thyroid hormone medications such as levothyroxine. Some medicare part d plans may help cover the cost of shielded thyroid.

how much does shielded thyroid cost without insurance?

Without insurance, the cash price of armor thyroid averages $47 for 30 60-mg tablets. however, your out-of-pocket cost will depend on your plan’s formulary, co-pay determined, whether you met the deductible, and the dose prescribed.

There are no generic versions of armor thyroid. If you don’t have insurance coverage for Armor Thyroid, you may be able to switch to a different Porcine Thyroid tablet, such as NP Thyroid and Westroid. check with your health care provider before doing so.

Are there alternatives to the shielded thyroid?

The standard prescription drug for hypothyroidism and thyroid suppression is levothyroxine, also known by the brand name synthroid. levothyroxine contains a synthetic version of t4 and is usually covered by health insurance.

Armor Thyroid alternatives generally include other desiccated thyroid extracts, which are not FDA approved. Also, one or more of them may not be available at your local pharmacy. Instead of a local drugstore chain or grocery store, you may be able to purchase porcine thyroid tablets at a compounding pharmacy.

Alternatives to armor thyroid and levothyroxine include thyrolar (liotrix), which contains a combination of synthetic t4 and t3. cytomel (liothyronine) is another alternative that contains a synthetic version of t3. You should check your plan’s drug formulary to see if your thyroid medication is covered.

Some supplements and over-the-counter medications can help relieve the symptoms of an underactive thyroid, but none of them are approved to replace low thyroid hormone levels or help suppress thyroid growths, such as goiter, nodules, and cancer thyroid .

compare shielded thyroid prices with related drugs

See also : &039Millions&039 Lost Insurance – FactCheck.org

Prescription drug prices often change. these are the most accurate drug prices at the time of publication. the price indicated without insurance references is the price of brand-name drugs. the single care price indicated refers to the price of generic drugs, if available. click the link under “savings options” to see up-to-date drug prices.

how to get thyroid armor without insurance

Armor Thyroid can be an expensive prescription drug for many people, and monthly refills can be difficult to afford over time. In addition, people without commercial health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid may have to pay the full retail price of Armor Thyroid or similar medications.

abbvie (which has acquired allergan) is the maker of armor thyroid and currently offers a patient assistance program that can help cover armor thyroid coverage. check their website for exact eligibility requirements. If you don’t qualify to save through the manufacturer, there are other ways to save money.

1. use singlecare armor thyroid coupon

a single care discount card can help reduce the cost of shielded thyroid from an average cost of $47 to less than $30. choose a free coupon based on the lowest price or the most convenient local pharmacy.

2. ask your doctor about levothyroxine

Desiccated porcine thyroid extract is not prescribed as often as levothyroxine. instead, health professionals are likely to prescribe levothyroxine for hypothyroidism. levothyroxine is not only safer, more reliable, and less dangerous for most people than shielded thyroid, it’s also typically less expensive. ask your health care provider for medical advice about levothyroxine if you are having trouble paying for armor thyroid.

3. compare pharmacy prices

The same armor thyroid prescription might cost $54 at one pharmacy and $35 at another, so a smart consumer could save $20 a month, $240 a year, just by looking for a good price. A great place to start looking for prices is the Singlecare Pharmacy Finder.

4. use a compounding pharmacy

At this time, it can be difficult to find brands of porcine thyroid tablets in pharmacies due to shortages and recalls. Instead of using another brand of porcine tablets, you may be able to get an alternative thyroid medication from a compounding pharmacy, a type of pharmacy that can mix and prepare prescription medications on the spot. they may have porcine thyroid powder, which they can use to make a compounded thyroid medication that contains the same amounts of thyroid hormone found in armor thyroid. the composite alternative may also be priced lower than shielded thyroid. search the internet for compounding pharmacies in your area.

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