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A cryptocurrency is a digital asset using encryption to control the generation of the asset and to verify the ownership and transfer of the asset. This type of asset, especially when used as a currency, operates independently of any government’s central bank. While cryptocurrency is not regulated as governmental currency, businesses dealing with crypto are regulated as a money service business. Two such examples are Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and DAO LLCs.

in general, ee. uu. The federal government has taken a hesitant stance towards regulating cryptocurrencies. A comprehensive legislative move toward crypto regulation in Washington has struggled to move forward, and with another election cycle underway, no major regulatory effort is seen as likely anytime soon. as a result, the regulatory approach of each individual state has become more important. For example, New York has taken an aggressive step towards regulating cryptocurrencies and has strict rules that apply to companies that want to trade cryptocurrencies.

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While some states take a heavy-handed approach promoting consumer protection, other states see an opportunity to help consumers and attract global businesses by paving the way for crypto businesses. Wyoming has taken the lead in opening up the cryptocurrency industry.

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